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Kevin McMillen, Founder & CEO The premises of RyanTech Cloud Services’ corporate office in the vibrant City of Tempe, AZ, comes alive every Thursday morning with animated discussions partaken by their development team. These brainstorming sessions that include daily standups on Skype for Business from six different locations in U.S. and Canada are part of a weekly ritual undertaken by the RyanTech squad to troubleshoot and improvise on their project development methodology. As Kevin McMillen, Founder and CEO at RyanTech Cloud Services, puts it into perspective, “We customarily evaluate how our Microsoft Office 365 implementations work and whether or not those meet our goals, and how we can improve upon them.” With methodologies like this, RyanTech Cloud Services has successfully merged their industry expertise with the Microsoft cloud offerings— Office 365, Azure, Sharepoint and Windows 10—to create a holistic solution that would integrate seamlessly with a firm’s corporate environment.

A certified and highly-decorated Microsoft cloud solutions partner with multiple gold and silver competencies, RyanTech offers comprehensive system migration services to further their clients’ Microsoft Office 365 implementation initiatives. In addition, they have forged strategic alliances with several companies attached to Microsoft Cloud—DropBox, iGlobe, Buildfire, Synnex, TechData and Retain—to deliver a wholesome cloud-based portfolio of products and services to their clients. RyanTech’s tryst with Microsoft began with the launch of their Microsoft cloud-based automotive technology portfolio comprising of niche Dealer Management System (DMS) integration products—Carpod, DMSi and VIN Explosion—for auto-dealerships. The award-winning technologies enabled the firm to gain a foothold in the automotive industry as their products are distributed through 21,000 automotive dealers in U.S. and Canada during the past 15 years. After having sold their DMS integration business to Authenticom in 2013, RyanTech introduced Microsoft Azure-based cloud services—inventory management and fleet tracking—to their existing auto-dealer client base that they already had built a reputation and credibility with. Today, the company has transitioned from being a web and software development firm into a full-blown cloud services entity that offers an extensive cloud service portfolio, allowing auto-dealers to stay connected with their customers.

Striving for Cloud Solutions Excellence

With a focus on diverse vertical markets—automotive, legal, construction and healthcare—RyanTech Cloud Services has adopted a strategic approach toward catering to their SMB clients. “We don’t spend a lot of time or money marketing, SEO and global marketing of Office 365 and Azure, as our focus is specifically on vertical markets where we have a lot of experience,” points out McMillen. The firm helps clients overcome the manifold challenges that exist in the Microsoft solutions space through a multitude of competencies they have earned over time. Having standardized on the Microsoft stack early on, RyanTech has automated 100 percent of their cloud solutions and specializes in delivering API-enabled, interactive coding, ticketing, lead marketing, and nurturing systems.
They also have created an Azure startup-kit for clients who want to skip the long-drawn onboarding process that entails creating an account and comprehending the purchase requirements to accelerate the adoption of services accordingly. The Azure startup-kit for SMBs is a VPN appliance that installs into a client’s Office 365 network and allows them to set up disaster recovery or a new virtual machine that gets immediately added to their centralized billing under the cloud solutions provider.

Our leadership team at Microsoft keeps us one step ahead of the game and we have immense trust in them

Being a Microsoft managed services partner allows RyanTech to deploy executive staff at the Microsoft premises, which in turn helps them build an end-to-end relationship with the Redmond giant. “Our leadership team at Microsoft keeps us one step ahead of the competition and we have immense trust in them,” states McMillen. “For instance, when they say that we want you to start dedicating time and resources to Azure, we get someone who’s the captain of that effort within our team and make sure that everybody is educated, and then we go both feet in.” Having bagged the honors in various divisions and business groups within Microsoft as “Partner of the Year” three times in the last five years (2012, 2014, and 2016), RyanTech Cloud Services has, in fact, surpassed the competition through their managed services delivery model for Microsoft Office 365. “Most companies that are out there distributing Office 365 are just trying to do a land-grab for as much business as they could bring out of their products,” says McMillen. “But, what we did is different; we created in parallel what Microsoft did with their FastTrack program, a very formalized and monitored approach to customer satisfaction.”

In-Place Archiving Expertise for Office 365

With a focus on boosting user productivity while safeguarding organizational data, RyanTech has enabled enterprises to gain access to best-of-breed resources and solutions available in the Microsoft Cloud Services realm. More recently, they partnered with Micro Focus to expand the reach of their Office 365 product offering by catering to the requirements of organizations to archive emails, social media, and mobile communication data. With options to be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, Retain Unified Archiving is an all-inclusive archiving solution for business communications spanning email, social media, and mobile communication data for case assessment, search, and eDiscovery. Compatible with all Office 365 Plans, the Retain archiving solution also provides multi-platform email archiving integration for Exchange, Gmail, and GroupWise as well.

“At one point, about 75,000 licenses in Micro Focus’ Novel Groupwise were about to depart from the product and move to other platforms,” says McMillen. Micro Focus seized the opportunity to partner with RyanTech, and the results were evident in the drastic improvement in their customer experience. Following this positive experience, the firm wanted to exclusively give RyanTech the access to any customer who wished to move from their product to Office 365.
“It is a wonderful partnership, where the customer wins, Microsoft wins of course, and so does Micro Focus,” beams McMillen. In one instance, the firm collaborated with an Association of Family Physicians to move more than 500 of their users to Office 365. Furthermore, RyanTech has engaged with Barrett-Jackson, the world’s greatest collector car auction company, to embrace Office 365, Azure and other benefits of the Microsoft Cloud.

Strategic Initiatives for Workplace Advancement

While excelling in the services realm, RyanTech is keen to be a role model in its culture as well. With a progressive vision to bring diversity into the tech industry, the company espouses the idea of bringing more women onto their IT teams. Having realized the benefits of a diverse workforce early on, the firm is furthering their Women in Technology (WIT) initiative that focuses on hiring the right talent for a gender-neutral workplace. McMillen acknowledges the value of working with WIT at RyanTech and how their efforts have accelerated the organization’s endeavors and shaped their success in the Cloud Solution Program (CSP) at Microsoft.

"We customarily evaluate how our Microsoft Office 365 implementations work and whether or not that meets our goals, and how we can improve upon them"

“RyanTech is investing big in the Non-Profit space to give back to people and opportunity all around the world”, stated McMillen. With our Philanthropy effort alongside Microsoft, we are engaging with Compassion International and many other organizations providing services and consulting which follows the path of the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. “We too want to empower people around the world with Microsoft Technology and services that create change.”

In accordance with their mission statement, RyanTech also encourages a “living life right” policy, as the company dedicates a lot of time and resources to ensure that each one of their staff has a well-balanced work-life. The company embodies the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle as evidenced by the Xbox One consoles, ping pong tables, tandem bike, and ski/snowboard equipment racks. Apart from providing opportunities for their teams to engage in recreational activities that foster teamwork and competitiveness, the firm encourages employees to bike to work and stay physically active. McMillen himself is an avid paddle-boarding and road biking enthusiast who also enjoys flying airplanes and driving fast cars when he’s not busy attending an EO (The Entrepreneur’s Organization) meet or an The International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) conference.

Under the purpose-driven leadership of McMillen, RyanTech Cloud Services achieved the feat of being noted as the top Microsoft SMB partner in the first quarter of 2017, leading formidably over the second spot-holder. Recently the company expanded into global operations with the assistance of Microsoft and TechData to include an office in Montreal Canada and others to come soon. To keep their momentum going and serve their clientele better, the firm continues to build a powerful talent pool, in addition to enhancing the quality of their cloud solutions practice. “We are very dedicated to listening to the Microsoft message, it’s more of the hand-touch management idea of a managed partner with Microsoft and there are huge advantages of that,” adds McMillen. “The evolution in the way we’ve been successful in adopting cloud is really by listening to Microsoft and them listening very closely to us.”

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