SABIO: AI-Powered, Centralized, and Omnichannel Knowledge Management

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Hendrik Buske, Director Sales
Knowledge distilled from datasets and information repositories must be all-pervasive, continually updated, and intuitively available at disposal in the most easily digestible way possible.

For employees at the frontline of customer interaction, there is a profound need to have complete awareness of their employer’s ongoing policies, customer base, marketing and sales campaigns, and product information. The omnichannel nature of customer communication outlets have increased the challenges in offering relevant information at the right time and place. Increasing digitization and diversification of workflow tools (and resources) have led spiraling growth in knowledge volumes. As a result, CIOs are on the constant lookout for new solutions to improve performance.

A well executed knowledge management strategy backed by a flexible solution and consulting expertise can do wonders for any organization. This is where SABIO, an innovation leader in knowledge management, holds many solutions: “Hundreds of companies around the world are using SABIO to support contact center agents to deliver an outstanding customer experience,” says Hendrik Buske, Director Sales at SABIO.

The company uses AI and context driven integrations to centralize knowledge and publish it at every customer touch point. This goes beyond e-mail and telephone integrations, and extends into the social media, messenger/chatbots, and CRMs. The solution’s AI stack can analyze customer enquiries and contextualize them to provide answers directly out of the knowledge base. This is a level of automation that can improve contact center performance KPIs significantly. It is also a valuable feature to proactively streamline customer self-service. Take for instance, the online-checkout process of an e-commerce company. SABIO makes it easy to integrate a contextual web self-service into every step of the checkout process and prevent the cancellation the order due to missing information.

Being a multi-purpose customizable offering that can be leveraged as a mobile-friendly SaaS or on-premise solutions, clients also use SABIO as a process enabler for shared HR service centers, and sales and marketing teams. The company adopts a standardized approach to help clients go up and running with the solution.

Hundreds of companies around the world are using SABIO to support contact center agents to deliver an outstanding customer experience and journey

“We define the existing or intended knowledge structure, set up knowledge guidelines, import content, and even do quality checks with end users,” adds Buske. To this end, the SABIO Integrator syncs with platforms such as Salesforce, and Zendesk. The SABIO Integrator is designed to transport the knowledge to whichever web-based application or interface the employee (user) is at rather than them having to “open” SABIO in a separate window or tab. He analyses the customer situation based on various input fields and provides answers directly out of the knowledge base.

SABIO’s Web Widgets can also deliver knowledge directly to end-consumers, which comes in handy for high volumes of customer self-service requests.They are really easy and quick to implement without starting a big IT project.

Also, SABIO uses machine learning algorithms for identifying information redundancy within its knowledge base, which is useful for large companies that produce thousands of knowledge materials via several editors. SABIO can even vary the comprehensiveness of the knowledge piece in question depending on where it has to be outputted. “An e-mail is way different from a chat interface, one has to provide a different variations of the same knowledge while communicating it through either of the channels,” said Buske.

Interestingly, SABIO, in partnership with a leading university in Germany is supporting the R&D of AI for knowledge management. They are working to hone the solution’s NLP capabilities to understand and answer end-consumer queries in real time. Evidently, the company is among the forefront in providing accurate, consistent, up-to-date, and centralized and AI-based knowledge consolidation and management.


Hamburg, Germany

Hendrik Buske, Director Sales

The company facilitates accurate, consistent, up-to-date, and centralized and AI-based knowledge consolidation and management