Safe-T: Secure Data Exchange Solutions for Cyber Security

Eitan Bremler, VP-Marketing and Product Management
With concerns spanning data storage, data transmissions and privacy, the current enterprise security landscape is at a technology crossroad between threat and agility. Safe-T, a secure data exchange solutions provider, combats the challenges in this realm by ensuring privacy, encryption, control and prevention of cyber threats from data uploaded into corporate networks as well as leakage of unauthorized data out of the enterprise. “In this cyber era, Safe-T protects all the data exchange work flows of the organization, encompassing all the main transmission patterns including–Secure Emails, Manage File transfer, Secure File Sync and Share and Secure cloud access brokerage,” says Eitan Bremler, VP Marketing and Product Management, Safe-T.

The company specializes in a unified approach, where users are granted access to files and folders according to their role and permission in the digital work place. Safe-T, on one hand connects different storages, regardless of their location–on premise or in cloud–and on the other hand presents a unified natural User Interface for business users to access and exchange data with others. With APIs and pre built Interfaces for all major business applications, cloud applications, storage and security solutions, Safe-T shorten the deployment time and eliminate the requirement to code.

Headquartered in Israel, Safe-T offers two product lines that facilitate securing the organization’s data and perimeter. Safe-T Box is a secure data exchange broker. This platform manages all the data exchanged to and from an organization—whether it’s going to business applications, being uploaded into the cloud, or from the cloud into the organization as well as securing all Mail and the attachments. It provides full auditing, and blocking sensitive data. Safe-T Box may be licensed as a complete package or as point solution, enabling companies to augment their existing legacy solutions where gaps exist.

Safe-T’s second product line, RSAccess is a Network Level, protocol agnostic unique patent pending Perimeter security solution. All inbound ports in the DMZ are closed obviating the ability for intrusions into the Secure Network of the Enterprise while enabling transparent access for all Public Internet traffic.
“We sell RSAccess as a front-end server that allows us to place Safe-T Box in the LAN, without opening up the firewall. We also offer RSAccess as a Standalone Perimeter Security as well as to OEMs and other software vendors,” says Bremler. It is also powerful enough for network segmentation. “Imagine you have two networks—one classified and one non-classified—where you need to pass traffic between two networks in different classification level. Here, RSAccess can allow unidirectional data exchange between the networks adding massive levels of additional security,” he adds.

Evolving over the years, Safe-T’s unified solution for controlled data exchange has become a major differentiator for the company. In a successful engagement, Safe-T was approached by CareCore National, a pre-authorization company for medical services. CareCore wanted to digitalize their entire approach of authorization, by allowing doctors and insurers to upload documents into the CareCore network. But the challenge was to make sure that the uploaded documents are free from infections and the client wanted to perform this ‘scrubbing’ action outside their internal network. To solve the problem Safe-T Box was integrated with their file upload solution where the client could scan files uploaded by the users through the portal, to a segregated network called a scrubbing zone. Once scanned, only clean files were passed into internal network.

Safe-T is a suite of solutions for secure cloud access, secure email, manage file transfer, exchange network and the file sync and share

“Moving forward, Safe-T’s latest advance solutions like Secure Cloud Access Broker will build new capabilities enabling maximum flexibility cross all workflows of the organization. “Our Secure Data Exchange Broker enables high speed adaptation for agile embracing of all traffic patterns securely.” concludes Bremler.


Herzelia, Israel

Eitan Bremler, VP-Marketing and Product Management and Amir Mizhar, Founder, Derek Schwartz, CEO

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