Impulse Point: Simplifying the Management of Mobile Devices

David Robinson, Founder
The number and diversity of BYOD and company-owned mobile devices in any corporation, hospital, college campus, or school district has exploded—easily tripling the number seen just a few years ago. People routinely bring these devices and gadgets to school or office and expect to be able to connect with any of them at anytime. However, this can create a myriad of security risks as well as increased workload on the helpdesk, network performance issues and the inability to track user identity by device for compliance and security forensics.

We are certainly proud of our product functionality, but our secret sauce is not only what we do it’s how we do it

“SafeConnect provides the visibility and control to know exactly who and what is on your network, as well as the mechanism to enforce your mobile computing policies,” says David Robinson, CEO at Impulse Point.

At Impulse Point, the focus is on providing the easiest and least invasive solutions for BYOD environments. The network design entails zero changes to current or future networks, reduces technical support requirements, and enhances end user satisfaction. Safe•Connect’s™ unique architectural approach allows administrators to deploy a highly-scalable MDM solution without having to consider switch compatibility, VLAN configurations or port settings, while significantly eliminating complexity, ongoing management, and risk.

“Since 2004, our products have been infused with customer suggestions and recommendations—it’s part of why we have such a loyal client base,” continues Robinson. “We’ve listened to our customers regarding key product requirements, and have integrated with best-of-breed partners to provide end-to-end solutions.”

“Being simple doesn’t come easy,” states Robinson. “We’ve taken something extraordinarily complex and made it simple to use and support. We are certainly proud of our product functionality, but our secret sauce is not only what we do…it’s how we do it.”

“Part of that simplicity is our managed support that comes with every product,” continues Robinson. “We provide continuous monitoring and support that includes problem determination and resolution, as well as daily device, OS, and anti-virus recognition updates; and policy configuration remote backups. And when we add new features we not only provide and install these updates for free, we also refresh the hardware appliance if needed at no charge. There’s not another BYOD vendor who does that!”

“One of our clients, Northern Arizona University, reclaimed 50 hours of technical support per month after replacing their existing NAC system with Safe•Connect,” says Robinson. “In addition to reducing help desk calls by 60 percent, we doubled their BYOD capacity while reducing the number of physical servers from 21 to 3. Delivering real business value is what really gets us excited.”

Impulse Point’s offerings include Identity•Connect™ which automates network authentication and access management and correlates device type, identity, location, and the device’s ownership over time; Auto•Connect™ automates the configuration of mobile devices for secure 802.1X-WPA2 Enterprise wireless networks ; MDM•Connect™ integrates with third-party providers to enforce MDM security policies (i.e., registration, policy compliance, password enablement, encrypted storage, and whether a device has a jail-broken or rooted operating system); and Identity Publishing which provides identity-to-device integration with third-party management systems (i.e., content filtering, bandwidth management, application-aware firewalls) to enable identity-based policies and user authentication persistence (SSO).

“As BYOD expands into other industries we’re expanding into those sectors. Particularly, we see healthcare and other services-based industries implementing BYOD policies that mirror the same “early adopter” attitudes of the education sector,” continues Robinson.“We recently opened distribution channels with Western Europe, and will continue to provide simplified integrated solutions to our customers.”


Lakeland, FL

David Robinson, Founder

Impulse Point delivers the easiest and least-invasive management solutions to enforce mobile security, BYOD, MDM, and secure wireless WPA2E policies supported by innovative cloud-managed services.