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Will Parker, Global Digital Business Development Director
The demand to deliver ever-higher quality is relentless in the food industry. Yet, to ensure quality control in food production, largely generic risk management solutions are available from software companies to help food businesses. There are over ten thousand food manufacturers in the U.K. and thirty-five thousand in the U.S, and each food manufacturer has its demands and needs to be customised to maximise the work efficiency to ensure product quality. As food safety is governed by unique regulatory and compliance requirements, it is best handled by a specialised food safety management system. This is precisely what Safefood 360° brings to the food industry.

Safefood 360° differs in its approach from other software vendors on the market. The solution originated from a group of food experts, including food safety specialists, food technologists, and highly experienced quality managers who dedicated themselves to improving the efficiency of the food industry process. Safefood 360°’s food safety and quality has been based on the Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) standards.

“Our software is distinctly optimised for the regulatory and the compliance environment specific to food safety,” says Will Parker, Global Digital Business Development Director at Safefood 360°.

Through its software, Safefood 360° ensures food manufacturers and suppliers remain compliant with GSFI standards such as SQF, BRCGS, FSSC 22000 and retailer technical standards such as Tesco, Coles, etc.

Safefood 360°’s software has additional modules for all areas of food safety management to help food businesses manage their food manufacturing and compliance operations within their manufacturing sites. These modules cover HACCP planning, PRPs, auditing, monitoring and document control, and a Supplier Quality Management solution that enables manufacturers to manage food safety and quality in their supply chain.

Data import can be carried out by users directly or by Safefood 360°’s professional services team to ensure that customers generate the best value from the solution. Safefood 360° customers can also connect the software with their current ERP system and IoT devices to collect and record data points such as temperature and humidity.

A team of experienced food safety professionals serve as implementation consultants to deploy the Safefood 360° platform by taking the customers’ existing food safety programs, be they in Word, Excel, SharePoint or often just paper records, and transferring the data into the system to support the food safety audit process.
This minimises disruption placed on food companies by setting up and configuring the software. Training helps users understand how to configure the programs and gain insight into best practices.

The platform's implementation typically takes from three to six months, depending on the size of the business and the complexity of its food processing operations. The speed of execution and time saved through having the platform effectively configured and all staff trained more than offsets the set-up costs, with most businesses seeing ROI within the first nine months of project completion.

Safefood 360°’s technical support team is also well-versed in food safety science. Coupled with their deep knowledge of the software, they can solve issues customers may have using the platform. The platform's live chat function allows users to ask questions whenever they have difficulties during operation.

Our software is distinctly optimised for the regulatory and the compliance environment specific to food safety

The software’s enterprise layer is a major USP for Safefood 360°. It enables large, global food businesses to collect operational data from their facilities in multiple countries with over nine different languages and view it on a single corporate dashboard. This empowers food manufacturers to scale their operations, view consolidated data across their facilities, and enforce common standards and processes across their groups, such as HACCP plans or audits.

For instance, Safefood 360° helped a large U.S. food retailer gain visibility and control over the processes from hundreds of its manufacturing and distribution facilities to its retail outlets. The retailer deployed Safefood 360°’s software at all those locations to view the consolidated data on a single platform. This enabled them to streamline and scale their operations while adhering to food safety regulations.

This is among the many examples that showcase Safefood 360°’s drive to ease the operations of food businesses within the distinct regulatory environment of food safety. Guided by its teams of domain-specific experts, Safefood 360° is on a mission to enable greater compliance and quality food production for food businesses worldwide.

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Will Parker, Global Digital Business Development Director

Safefood 360° offers food safety management software to food businesses. The software handles food safety and supplier quality management in adherence to GSFI standards. It is an enterprise solution optimized to operate in the global regulatory and compliance environment specific to food safety

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