Sagepath: A Nimble Digital Transformation Agency

Eric Swanson, Principal
As companies continue to expect more from the Adobe product suite, it’s critical for them to collaborate with nimble agencies that can fully leverage the Adobe platform to lead digital transformation efforts and deliver results. “Adobe implementations can be challenging; and, if not architected properly, companies risk deploying a sub-optimized platform that is not able to meet its business needs,” says Eric Swanson, principal at Sagepath. Adobe offers a wide range of marketing solutions from Experience Manager to Analytics to Audience Manager to Campaign to Target and more, but the solutions must be configured and integrated to support the company’s overall business model. Sagepath’s digital transformation framework is built on three pillars: delivering customer-centric user experiences, building a scalable and flexible technology infrastructure, and following an iterative and proven process. The framework is tailored to support the Adobe platform and provides an ROI model to deliver quick-hit and long-term results for companies. Sagepath has leveraged this Adobe framework and ROI model to carve a niche for itself in the market. As a company that has partnered with Adobe for nearly a decade, Sagepath has optimized this three-pillar framework to produce an average ROI of 200 percent and a 98 percent client retention rate on its Adobe implementations.

While Adobe constitutes a significant portion of Sagepath’s portfolio, the company’s approach to delivering solutions for CIOs and CMOs does not begin by immediately prescribing Adobe solutions. Instead, Sagepath has positioned itself as a trusted advisor to companies with its full-service capabilities, including digital transformation strategy, user experience, design, development, and analytics expertise. As companies increasingly focus on digital transformation solutions that have an omni-channel impact, the full range of Adobe’s marketing products offer a compelling technology platform upon which to transform the business and drive ROI. Since its inception in 2002, Sagepath has worked with many Fortune 1000 companies on various enterprise initiatives, including CMS implementation, customer experience driven design, marketing automation, customer data management, omni-channel personalization and analytics across mobile, social, web, POS, and in-store sales and marketing channels.
For companies that are looking to leverage Adobe across multiple channels, websites, subsidiaries and companies, the Sagepath multi-site Adobe implementation framework is a good fit. In one case, a leading US-based real estate company with over 20 properties was looking for a digital partner. “They wanted to redesign the customer experience and re-platform several disparate property sites onto a single platform. We recommended a flexible design system, built on the Adobe platform that could be replicated and customized per site. Once the design and user experience were approved, we deconstructed the site into a component library of approximately 50 components and built it on their integrated Adobe platform,” explains Swanson. By leveraging those components, the client could build subsequent sites using the parent site’s component library which reduced their per site design and implementation costs and time by approximately 70 percent. “We only had to design and develop a handful of components per site based on the unique requirements associated with each individual site. Once complete, the marketing team was able to build and launch its new site within days,” he adds.

In another instance, an existing Adobe client, who had 40 components on its site, approached Sagepath to design and implement a new 1,500+ page site in Adobe within an aggressive three month timeline. To address this challenge, Sagepath mapped existing components of the site, identified functional and design shortcomings and built new components to address the business’ digital transformation needs, and then updated the new components to the Adobe component library.

Sagepath has an experienced digital transformation team that can guide Adobe clients through its customer experience, technology, and process challenges to deliver strong results and address its critical business needs. Based on its team and framework, Sagepath has built an impressive track record of delivering results and retaining and building relationships with its clients.


Atlanta, GA

Eric Swanson, Principal

Sagepath’s three-tier digital transformation strategy focuses on omni-channel sales and marketing leveraging the Adobe platform to drive customer engagement and ROI results