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Arvind Kapur, Co-Founder and CEO
Arvind Kapur, CEO at Saggezza, opines that digital transformation is a human transformation with data at the core of it. He emphasizes that a data-driven culture holds the key to the effective implementation of an organization’s digital and data transformation strategies. To that end, Saggezza, as a consultancy partner, helps the workforce in organizations understand the significance (business impact) of developing a data-driven culture while collaboratively instituting change. To put their work into perspective, Kapur quotes a famous French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who says, “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” On a similar line, Saggezza paints an attractive picture of data and culture that the organizations desire to achieve over time, and assist them in this regard.

Saggezza uses modern, cognitive tools such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), cloud, data warehousing, data visualization to deliver advanced analytics and intelligence services to help organizations make informed business decisions. The company partners with several major technology providers such as Snowflake, IBM Watson, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and is also continuously evaluating emerging new tools in order to offer best-in-class services to its clients. “We are not married to tools, we rather focus on client outcomes, and find the tools that make sense for that particular class of problems,” remarks Kapur.

Saggezza understands that it is often difficult to pinpoint where companies should start when evaluating their technology systems and how they perform or underperform. They developed an assessment tool called Joint Strike which can be compared to a home inspection. This helps businesses uncover opportunities to optimize, enhance or reduce company-owned software and systems. A multinational restaurant chain was experiencing an excessive amount of support calls as a percentage of their total orders. Using their data, Saggezza determined that orders requiring assistance from a customer service representative typically reduce profit margins by 60 percent; overall highlighting issues with operational efficiency and brand perception.

Using NLP (natural language processing) and ML (machine learning) techniques, Saggezza’s team was able to quickly analyze one year’s worth of call records to uncover insights which lead the significant amount of call center inquiries. They discovered that the vast majority of inquiries were about allergens in food, a question commonly asked in a restaurant but often overlooked as a data point online. Saggezza was able to make recommendations on menu design and ordering UI that allowed for ingredients information to be placed on order path relating to food allergies (nuts, gluten etc), health and fitness (calories, carbs etc) and taste preferences (no onions) so dishes could be customized. They designed a comprehensive list of recommendations to eliminate nearly 40 percent of the excessive calls. Similar paths were designed for table reservations, loyalty and rewards.
Veera B.Budhi, Assistant Vice President
Saggezza was able to identify areas threatened by a lack of digital maturity, subsequently assisting their client‘s aligned business goals around projects with the most impact. These targeted initiatives increased transaction size, improved customer satisfaction and favorably impacted brand loyalty and net promoter scores.

Our professionals work collaboratively with our clients to harness the power of company data, ensuring the business can understand and improve business processes to ultimately become more efficient and profitable

Saggezza takes a very streamlined approach to help organizations in their data journey. It first interacts with the stakeholders in the concerned organization to discover the current processes, challenges, architecture, tools being used to understand where they are in the journey of their data initiative. Then it undertakes a four-step process that involves data hub, data governance, reporting, and visualization.

Once data reporting is handled, Saggezza takes the organizations to the next level by offering robust analytics services. “We offer full-stack business advisors and technical engineers who can understand and visualize the data and also have the skills of machine learning and data science. Our professionals work collaboratively with our clients to harness the power of company data, ensuring the business can understand and improve business processes to ultimately become more efficient and profitable,” states Veera B.Budhi, Assistant Vice President, Saggezza.

The company presently serves multiple industries such as finance, retail, insurance, and manufacturing. Budhi shares a customer success story of a retail company that was struggling with the management of their data, which was stored in legacy and mainframe systems. Saggezza helped their stakeholders gain valuable insights from their vast datasets by creating easy to read dashboards in one centralized location. These insights also offered predictive analytics that helped the retail business forecast and better prepare for what to anticipate in the future.

To boost its business portfolio, Saggezza is investing heavily in data science and other areas. The company, with a team of experts and vast experience in delivering unparalleled Cloud, Data and AI services is empowering organizations with the right tools and methodologies to enhance business outcomes.


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Arvind Kapur, Co-Founder and CEO and Veera B.Budhi, Assistant Vice President

Saggezza provides full-stack capabilities for clients, but to consistently build new levels of confidence. They listen carefully to client’s challenges, and then get to work as a team to connect ideas with unique thinking that will quickly deliver substantial value for their business. Saggezza is a proven technology and consulting partner that delivers personalized, high-value solutions to accelerate business growth.