SaiCom Consulting Inc.: Developing Highly Scalable Custom Business Object Applications

Ajay K Gupta, CTO
In today’s market, faster, and more accurate decision-making enables organizations to create a competitive advantage. An organization’s ability to forecast and respond to challenges and opportunities faster than the competition separates the winners from the competition. This calls for a forward-looking tool that can portray the performance measurement of the enterprise against what was projected. In addition, this tool would need to accommodate constant adjustments by way of continued monitoring to execute on the strategies of the organization. Well-positioned to cater to this need through Business intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management services is Ontario-based SaiCom Consulting Inc.

Founded in 2001, the firm specializes in developing and executing a business intelligence solution using Business Objects tools while also training and mentoring employees of the concerned firm. “SaiCom Consulting’s methodology allows enterprises to deliver reliable, robust, scalable, secure, and extensible business intelligence solutions,” states Ajay K Gupta, CTO. SaiCom provides Business Intelligence services and SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management Solution. The firm’s solutions and services helps clients to improve customer relationships, increase ROI, and achieve corporate compliance. SaiCom’s approach helps in quickly achieving self-sufficiency in using business intelligence which positively impacts the customer’s bottom line.

SaiCom’s SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management Solution is a robust planning and consolidation application that enables companies in budgeting, planning, consolidation, and reporting requirements. The application improves decision-making, unifies platforms between finance and business processes and increases user productivity. It also helps companies to capitalize on the value of existing data assets. SAP BusinessObjects EPM solutions can work with SAP Business Suite applications; SAP BusinessObjects governance, risk, and compliance solutions and SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence and information management solutions. As a result, companies can maximize business profitability, manage risk and compliance, and optimize corporate systems, people, and processes.

The company is strategically aligned with SAP which enables them to work on offering agile and flexible business solutions that meet SAP industry standards.

An organization’s ability to forecast and respond to challenges and opportunities faster than the competition separates the winners from the losers

Currently SAP offers two budgeting and planning tools: Budget Planning Cycle (BPC) and Public Budgeting Forecasting tool (PBF). BPC is a tool designed for enterprises; it helps corporations deal with monthly and day to day operational expense planning. PBF is designed for municipalities. Both the products interact with one enterprise or database making them optimized to work with SAP BW (Business Warehouse).

SaiCom SAP-based solutions have helped many companies address budgeting, planning, consolidation and reporting issues. In one such instance, Direct Energy, a retailer of energy and energy services in North America, was facing challenges in financial planning and operational reporting process. SaiCom’s SAP Business Objects Enterprise Performance Management Solution helped solve the problems the organization was facing, by automating data flows automated and improving analysis and timeliness.

SaiCom will stay focused on continually innovating its SAP BI/EPM suite of solutions to meet your challenging business goals. The company’s strategy going forward is to further their footprint with regards to SAP HANA. In addition, SaiCom’s involvement in the SAP BETA/Influence/CEI programs will allow the company to deliver world-class applications that enable informed critical decisions which accelerate business aspirations. “We believe in strong long term customer partnerships, extensive experience and knowledge in performance management to exceed expectations and meet business objectives,” concludes Gupta.

SaiCom Consulting Inc.

Toronto, Ontario

Ajay K Gupta, CTO

Specializes in tailored Business Objects solutions that deliver reliable, robust, scalable, secure and extensible business intelligence solutions in rapid time frames

SaiCom Consulting Inc.