SAIMA Solutions: Advanced Analytics to Steer Business Excellence

Francisco Prats, CEO
In today’s dynamic business landscape, decision-makers must be swift in tackling problems while also leveraging new opportunities so as to maximize efficiency and gain a competitive edge. They require agile and user-friendly analytical solutions to quickly respond to market changes. IBM Cognos Analytics offers smart self-service capabilities that enable users to gain business insights and create personalized dashboards and reports on their own. Expanding these utilities to the Spanish SME market is SAIMA Solutions, a reference consultant for IBM Cognos. With over 14 years of experience in the space of business analytics, SAIMA today stands out as a leading IBM partner providing localized support to more than 200 clients.

“We draw upon a large team of IBM Cognos professionals, experts in diverse technologies (Data Manager, SQL Server, IBM Cognos Suite, JavaScript, etc.) who can provide a response and immediate support to whatever needs arise during the project,” says Francisco Prats, CEO, SAIMA Solutions. While doing so, the team also ensures that they meet their clients’ target within defined time scales.

SAIMA and IBM share the values of integrity, responsibility, team spirit, innovation, learning, and talent development, which primarily fortify their relationship. Being an ‘IBM Gold Business Partner’, SAIMA does not stop at just implementing technology but also focuses on validating IBM products before offering them to clients. The firm has its own Research and Development department where it develops versatile solutions by dint of the expertise of its multidisciplinary team.

SAIMA Solutions functions as a true consultant by helping clients design, adjust, and execute their strategy to realize business goals through IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics. The firm deploys its solutions in the IBM Cloud which renders a quick ROI while also empowering clients to become more resilient in the thick of challenges and eventually make a greater profit. In addition, SAIMA leverages IBM SPSS to create latest solutions in terms of pricing, client segmentation, predictive maintenance, and customer churn analytics.
While rendering these services, SAIMA lays deep emphasis on the trust factor in its relationship with clients besides imparting viable professional advice on how to optimize resource management and make the right business decisions.

We draw upon a multidisciplinary team of IBM Cognos professionals who can provide immediate support to any project need

SAIMA maintains a flexible approach to every project, be it business intelligence, project management or analytics, as it evaluates a client’s present and future needs to design tailored solutions. “We give assistance to our clients throughout their project lifecycle: methodology, strategic and operational consultancy, licensing, maintenance, product support, and training,” Prats further remarks. Keeping in mind the diversity of their clients, SAIMA provides both vertical and horizontal solutions focused on budget control, risk management, financial reporting, score cards, and analytical modeling.

SAIMA’s specialty lies in its tendency to implement projects in intervals thereby mitigating the risk of failure. Consultants of SAIMA have been part of various projects throughout Spain and have also built analytical systems for various hospitals, retail and industrial businesses. For instance, Bluespace, a premier enterprise centering around urban warehousing, approached SAIMA seeking a dynamic pricing model to steer lucrative growth. To this end, SAIMA developed a pricing solution based on IBM Planning Analytics, which delivered the best price for the client, on-demand as well as in real time.

With an unabated impetus to conquer any difficulty that comes their way, the team at SAIMA is all set to explore new markets and territories and design predictive solutions drawing on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and Watson Analytics.

SAIMA Solutions

Barcelona, Spain

Francisco Prats, CEO

An IBM Solutions consultant that provides business analytics solutions, helping businesses make right decisions for profitable growth

SAIMA Solutions