Sales Lead Automation: Activity-Based Marketing: A Strategic Approach

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Shawn Elledge, CEO
In today’s automation-led sales environment, it’s a no-brainer that anyone can buy a list of ideal prospects based on any demographic or business firmographic and send a series of emails to those prospects using a variety of sales tools. The trick is how to send a relevant message to the right person at the right time. Shawn Elledge, CEO of Sales Lead Automation (SLA), explains, “Historically, marketers said that content is king, but in reality, relevancy is king.” Elledge believes that sending the relevant message based on a prospect’s activities will severely cut down on spam complaints, which has led to SLA centering its focus on activity-based marketing or advanced database marketing. Marketers are gaining insights from the activities that prospects and businesses engage in every day. Having discovered that activity-based marketing drives an increase in response rates by nearly 300 percent, SLA is on the cusp of rolling out a game-changing combination of their advanced database capability and multi-channel application, for engaging customers across every channel.

It has been observed that during lead generation, sales personnel tend to spend only about 28 percent of their day talking to prospects while the rest 72 percent is lost on non-revenue producing activities. SLA’s impending sales automation application is directed toward optimizing the productivity of salespeople by generating a constant flow of leads that show interest in their products and services by tracking their intent. The application further prompts users to connect with these same prospects on LinkedIn as well as offline using direct mail. Based on research from several marketing associations we know it takes 6-13 touches to create a sales qualified lead but most salespeople quit engaging prospects after two or three attempts. “Our goal is to help sales professionals spend less time hunting for prospects and more time engaging prospects interested in their products and services by tracking their intent.

Despite sales automation tools becoming more common, most companies cannot afford to buy the data or spend time trying to find the technology and resources to manage sales automation programs. For clients with a limited budget, SLA offers access to its large database of 60 million contact records free of cost allowing them to allocate their limited budgets to more important tasks like strategy, content, and overall lead management.

Our goal is to help sales professionals spend less time hunting for prospects and more time engaging prospects interested in their products and services by tracking their intent

SLA’s wide spectrum of solutions includes a user-friendly dashboard with which a salesperson can add a prospect into any CRM or marketing automation of their choice at the click of a button. In case clients don’t have a marketing automation platform, SLA can assist with that as well. SLA further provides content marketing services to support lead generation programs of clients that struggle to push relevant and valuable content to a prospect that they are sending targeted messages to.

In a prospect-to-customer tale of their own, SLA had accomplished a masterful job of helping a large international relocation company generate an impressive lead volume. The relocation company had invested a considerable amount of time and resources into a content marketing strategy, which was not generating their expected lead volume. Their moment of truth was when SLA provided their global VP of sales and marketing with a sales automation program as a beta test using their own data, email platform, and LinkedIn services. The results were astounding as the client went on to generate 8 million in open opportunities in 6 months.

In essence, at the heart of everything that SLA does is advanced database marketing. “We believe activity-based data is going to have the biggest impact on sales automation and B2B lead generation. It is the final leg of the stool that will help us steer an increasing number of prospects toward our clients’ way,” states Elledge.

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Shawn Elledge, CEO

Sales Lead Automation (SLA) is a B2B lead generation agency offering strategic sales and marketing services to companies and salespeople who sell considered purchases with extended sales cycles. SLA provides the contact data and technology to automatically email prospects, connect on social channels and manage opportunities. Benefits of working with SLA include free access to over 150 million contacts with email addresses, automated email marketing tools for 24/7 lead generation, social media programs for creating new connections, marketing automation technology and services, and content marketing support. The bottom line for SLA is that it helps companies and salespeople drive revenue rapidly

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