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Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder
Predictive analytics is on the rise. The global market will grow from $3 Billion in 2015 to $9.20 Billion by 2020, a CAGR of 27.4 percent. Predictive analytics has limitless applications. Predictive relies on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and are algorithmic businesses. Netflix uses these methods to predict which movies you will enjoy. Amazon uses it to recommend products. It’s what drives the ability of dating sites like eHarmony to predict good matches.

Now, predictive analytics is impacting the world of sales where sales professionals are notoriously bad at predicting which sales opportunities are the best to focus on. More than 30-60 percent of sales professionals do not meet their targets. This is now changing, as the new normal in sales is Predictive Analytics which analyzes precious data inside and outside CRM systems, acting like a Sales Stock Market to predict futures accurately at 85 percent or more. According to Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder of SalesChoice, like Apple created SIRI, SalesChoice is creating the world’s smartest Sales GPS to read all interaction signals. “With our comprehensive patent, we have a clear vision of where this market is heading and we know how to get there. This is one of the most exciting periods in the History of Selling,” says Cindy.

SalesChoice is a SaaS, ISV Certified partner of SalesForce that provides predictive, prescriptive and propensity to purchase signal solutions. The company helps sales professionals focus on the best opportunities to increase their odds of winning, and also guides them with insights on the reasons for a win or a loss, or identifies prescriptive pricing “sweet spots”. SalesChoice has an OPEN API to integrate with Business Intelligence platforms, like SalesForce’s Wave Analytics.

Business Leaders are under pressure to increase top line revenue growth. This is where predictive analytics is proving its worth.“We still have a number of companies that have deployed Customer Relationship Management technology, only to face issues in data quality, or have sandbagging behaviors impacting reliable forecasts, and resource utilization,” states Cindy.

We guide sales professionals like a 7x24 coach and give them predictive sales pipeline and sales forecasting aids to increase their odds of winning

SalesChoice’s Insight Engine also uses cognitive science methods to help attention deficit sales resources focus with the aid of diverse coaching signals in mobile or email. “We guide sales professionals and give them sales pipeline simulation aids to increase their odds of winning,” says Cindy. “SalesChoice is like a 7x24 sales coach improving sales pipeline prioritization and also forecasting sales. Our science accurately indicates when an opportunity is most likely to close, further de-risking sales forecasting activities.”

Macadamian Technologies—a software and design firm—needed to ensure accurate sales forecasting to manage the demands of their growing business. They wanted to find a solution that could help their sales professionals focus on the best sales opportunities, but also reduce operating costs. Using SalesChoice’s Insight Engine has influenced critical decision-making in their pipeline. “We have increased our conversion rate by over 50 percent using SalesChoice, resulting in an ROI of over a 1000 percent,” states the Managing Sales VP, Dinesh Kandanchatha.

SalesChoice is investing heavily with SalesForce’s Wave Analytics this year. “Our vision is to be a market leader in sales predictive analytics by delivering accurate sales algorithms to predict sales outcomes,” says Cindy. The company has secured support from some of the largest software tech firms, and also from their SI Partner, Accenture, who has been generous with innovation support. “Our science creates a unique algorithm for every customer and achieves highly accurate predictions. The New Normal in Sales is Predictive Analytics. Our ROI is consistently over 250 percent,” concludes Cindy.

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Introhive And Saleschoice Join Forces To Provide A Holistic View Of Customer Intelligence And Sales Forecasting Within The Salesforce Ecosystem

FREDERICTON, NB - Introhive, the fastest-growing AI-powered customer intelligence solution, today announced a partnership with SalesChoice, a SaaS AI Insight Engine Platform and Data Sciences as a Services company. The partnership will enable joint customers to combine the power of Introhive's proprietary relationship scoring along with SalesChoice's powerful sales forecasting AI models to provide a holistic view of customer relationship intelligence.

"We are proud to join forces with another Canadian company to help provide a holistic view of customer intelligence and sales forecasting," said Jody Glidden, CEO of Introhive. "Our sophisticated AI-powered platform frees up salespeople to build relationships and experience peak performance enabling them to focus on what matters most — their relationships with their customers."

Introhive's end-to-end platform will help organizations using SalesChoice to increase overall CRM adoption and data accuracy, while boosting sales efficiency and revenue. When organizations deploy Introhive, they'll be able to benefit from capabilities including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data automation to help users improve productivity to build deeper relationships, drive more revenue, and increase client retention.

"Our partnership with Introhive is a result of our mutual vision that for customers to accelerate growth, they need to use more advanced methods of capturing and delivering intelligence to their sales revenue teams," said Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder and CEO of SalesChoice. "Introhive's relationship capital insights and SalesChoice's opportunity insights, forecasting insights, sentiment insights, and real time - coaching insights will enable our customers to accelerate their growth needs."

Gordon added that she's excited to partner with Introhive because the company has proven technology that can utilize relationship capital as sales professionals rely more heavily on digital channels to facilitate their day-to-day interactions with customers.

"Introhive, like SalesChoice, understands the power of human DNA augmented with smarter technology methods, including AI and machine learning, and soon our metaverse world," said Gordon.

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Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder

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