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Tom Acklam, Co-founder, Pamela Acklam, Co-founder In many industries, successful sales is much more complex than simply telling a good story at the most opportune moment. Sales in industries that provide repetitive services with few differentiators between vendors, presents significant challenges. For instance, in the Logistics Industry, customers tend to be content with their existing service providers until a failure occurs. Consequently, a sales rep must follow up continuously to be front of mind when an opportunity occurs. “The challenge of following up forever is three-fold. How do you deliver the correct message, prevent ‘lead fatigue, and enfficiently manage an ever growing funnel of qualified leads?’ ” ponders Tom Acklam, Co-founder of SalesDrip. Most CRM platforms provide tools designed to allow the masses to configure a system specific to their needs. In the logistics industry, this often requires an immense use of time, consultants, capital and lengthy contracts. SalesDrip, a comprehensive turnkey sales and marketing automation solution for the logistics industry is aptly positioned to assist logistics services companies improve sales efficiencies through a powerful, industry-specific CRM that delivers a measurable ROI in as little as three months.

SalesDrip was created to provide logistics businesses a sales and automated marketing solution that solves the unique challenges that are faced within the freight industry. Acklam states, “The company is a premier sales and marketing automation solution designed specifically for the logistics industry by a logistics industry veteran. I have worked in the freight arena for more than 20 years, and have continuously refined an automated sales and marketing solution for sales reps for 18 years.” SalesDrip has successfully built a CRM that anyone in the logistics industry can use quickly and easily benefit from.

SalesDrip was born out of a glaring need for a CRM that worked to benefit both sales reps and management in logistics, specifically targeting the challenges they face on a daily basis. SalesDrip has an impressive understanding of the freight industry and the sales processes that reps follow, and the CRM offered to customers is built upon that deep comprehension and real-world experience.

The SalesDrip Difference

As a turn-key solution, the CRM offered by SalesDrip encompasses all the components of sales and marketing automation logistics companies need without requiring a significant time or capital commitment. Acklam states, “Our solution takes away the need to hire an expert consultant to determine what’s necessary for the company and then build that from the ground up. We have identified five different sales models, all used within the freight industry, and we developed a template for each one.”

We have identified five different sales models, all used within the freight industry, and we developed a template for each one

Customers considering SalesDrip are interviewed to determine which sales model template would fit best with its operations and sales teams, and all of the features that make SalesDrip standout as a logistics CRM are integrated into the platform for a customized system for the users. Acklam explains, “We scrape a customer’s website to get a feel for their branding, and we create the content to match it. The SalesDrip marketing team develops everything behind the scenes, making it easy for the customer to approve or modify the system as they see fit.”

Through the SalesDrip CRM, customers have access to a variety of unique features that improve efficiency in sales teams, including complete automation for qualified leads, new and existing customers, e-mail drip templates and landing pages based on the company’s specific branding, and auto responders. Additionally, customer satisfaction surveys, coupons and quote request forms, and hundreds of integrated workflows are all part of the customer’s CRM experience with SalesDrip. The company offers a myriad of training videos through an impressive user guide, helping new customers get up and running quickly without impacting other operations within the business. With only a few clicks, automation can be established and an immediate reduction of repetitive clerical tasks is realized, freeing up a user’s time for qualifying additional sales leads, closing hot leads, and managing existing customers.

One of the most helpful aspects of the SalesDrip platform is the understanding of the sales process logistics companies and their sales teams face. Acklam states, “Our proprietary buyer journey algorithm enables the qualified lead to move through the sales process at the lead’s own pace. Intelligence drivers built in to the platform deliver the correct message to the lead at the correct time, creating a follow-up forever workflow that is truly automated.” Because leads often remain in a user’s pipeline for an extended period of time, it is important for logistics sales teams to keep in touch without exhausting a lead. Users of SalesDrip have the ability to stop or adjust the buyer journey on any lead at any time, laying the groundwork for a trust-based relationship that is sustained for the long term.

The Streamlined Strategy

A challenge faced by companies in the freight industry considering enlisting the help of a CRM to improve sales efficiency has been the time and effort involved in adapting to a new system. SalesDrip is a complete, integrated platform for automation that provides an ease of use not found in other CRM solutions.
Acklam explains, “We believe that this is as close to a set it and forget it platform as possible for sales teams. A user can start automation on a qualified lead, a new customer, or a long-term customer with a few clicks.” Sending e-mails, scheduling calls, and reporting back to managers is all seamless within the platform, and the critical timing component of following up with potential customers in the sales funnel is completely automated.

"Our proprietary buyer journey algorithm enables the qualified lead to move through the sales process at the lead’s own pace"

SalesDrip has had the opportunity to work with several logistics companies to create a better, more efficient sales and marketing process since the company’s start. One customer, a successful logistics broker, began using SalesDrip six months ago in an effort to improve the effectiveness of its sales team, made up of five sales reps. At the onset of the relationship, the broker reported having 76 customers and 123 qualified leads sales reps were nurturing each month. After implementing the CRM, the company was able to increase the number of customers to 348 and the number of qualified leads to 688, a variance of 458 percent and 559 percent respectively. However, after the first three months of utilizing SalesDrip, the broker realized, they had the bandwidth to add sales reps to the team, increasing to eight in total. With that addition, the number of customers increased to 374 while the number of qualified leads boomed to 928. Adding to the success of implementing the SalesDrip CRM, the logistics broker also found it easier to measure the satisfaction level of their customers through brief satisfaction surveys built in to the platform. Management teams had real-time access to the results of the sales and marketing automation, and they were able to meet the needs of their customers more accurately with SalesDrip’s help.

Beyond Logistics Automation

Acklam correlates the fast success of SalesDrip to the industry expertise he and his wife have along with the family-oriented culture of the company’s team, and he expects SalesDrip to continue down this path indefinitely. He states, “SalesDrip is growing rapidly in the logistics space, and we have an entire list of features we plan to build for our users. Comprehensive sales training within the system is part of that lineup, and our learning module will have the ability to introduce new sales reps to the industry through scripting, testing and grading, all through automation.” In addition to adding features and training components, the company sees opportunity outside the logistics industry. A significant amount of interest has been shared with Acklam and his team based on the sales models used within the logistics vertical. Acklam states, “Companies have asked us to build systems specifically for them, and while we remain focused on the logistics niche, we are starting to discuss additional industries to place our focus in the future.” SalesDrip plans to continue to share its passion surrounding the sales and marketing automation opportunities for the logistics industry at large by providing a platform that truly meets the unique needs of companies looking to improve efficiencies in customer and prospect relationships.


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Tom Acklam, Co-founder, Pamela Acklam, Co-founder

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