SalesVista: Bringing Simplicity and Visibility to Sales Compensation Planning

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Mike Scarbrough, CEO
Broken sales compensation processes riddled with archaic methods lead to misaligned company goals encroaching on growth and talent. With US businesses spending more than $800 billion in commission expenses each year, SalesVista is leading the charge to solve these problems, help organizations manage this massive expenditure more effectively, and drive significantly better performance from their revenue teams.

In one stroke, SalesVista brings efficiency, clarity, and transparency to sales incentive planning with its cutting-edge sales compensation management software. The automated, no code software seamlessly integrates with leading CRM software used by organizations to centralize sales compensation data and ease incentive and commission planning. It immensely benefits organizations with growing sales teams operating in dynamic, competitive markets across the globe.

The emphasis on providing better visibility and ease of use for managing sales operations is the decisive factor in driving the performance of companies’ sales teams and increasing their revenue margins. By bringing compensation planning, validation, adjustments, payouts, and tracking and measuring sales rep performance under a single pane, the software boosts data visibility and fairness for companies and their sales teams, helping them attract and retain top sales performers.

“We help organizations optimize the performance of their sales team, primarily by increasing the visibility around their incentive compensation in alignment with the goals of the organization,” says Mike Scarbrough, CEO of SalesVista.

SalesVista’s sales compensation management software is incredibly easy to implement, understand, and operate. It dramatically improves the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of compensation calculations. In terms of efficiency, the software reduces the time needed for calculating incentives from weeks to mere hours, with just a few clicks.

The software goes beyond sales commission and bonus computations to the broader scope of helping organizations manage their sales performance incentive funds (SPIFFs), draws, awards, contests, and recovery calculations. SalesVista also empowers organizations to project the cost effect of likely changes to their sales compensation plans.

As a unique feature, the SalesVista software provides comprehensive sales compensation planning in local currency while allowing reporting in base currency for its multinational clients that have both US- and non-US-based sales teams.
This gives immense visibility to organizations that can now accurately track their expenses for the sales compensation plans in a complex, global business environment, irrespective of currency conversions.

In addition, the software consists of an end-user web portal—also accessible through a mobile app—where sales reps and teams can view detailed incentive calculations, compensation plan structures, and the status of SPIFFs, draws, commissions, and bonuses. It also allows sales teams to review and understand the plan changes and gives them the option to accept or reject them, providing them with better transparency over the compensation process.

SalesVista employs an elaborate onboarding process to streamline compensation calculation further. The first step is to thoroughly understand clients’ calculation methods and based on the structure’s logic, create, test, and validate an initial software setup. SalesVista then integrates it with the client’s CRM, accounting system, or third-party applications like Salesforce, SAP, and QuickBooks, among others, to help them consolidate the sales data. SalesVista also offers training and live support for operating the software to the client’s administrators, managers, and end-users.

We help organizations optimize the performance of their sales team, primarily by increasing the visibility around their incentive compensation in alignment with the goals of the organization

What SalesVista does exceptionally well is developing a complex and comprehensive solution that generates the proper visibility and reporting on sales performances and outcomes.

“It takes a lot of thought, science, and know-how to get a comprehensive solution that is easy to implement, understand, and use,” further commented Scarbrough.

The capability to describe holistic data that comprise how effectively the commission structures work within the expenditures of commissions, bonuses, SPIFFS, draws, and at what cost is not a simple feat. The beauty of the SalesVista platform is everyone can understand the solution, and with that understanding comes a higher probability of success.

With its state-of-the-art solution, SalesVista will continue to empower organizations to improve efficiencies in all aspects of compensation planning, management, and reporting.


Atlanta, GA

Mike Scarbrough, CEO

SalesVista delivers a robust sales compensation management software to streamline sales commission, bonus, incentive calculations, and administration. The software solution is easy to operate, offers high visibility into sales data reporting, and promotes transparency and accuracy over the entire sales compensation process to drive better sales performance and alignment with company goals.