SaltStack: Orchestrating Complex Infrastructures to Perfection

The urge to stay ahead in the game has led businesses to adopt innovative IT technologies to improve their productivity. Burgeoning IT innovation has led to spiraling IT complexity spurred by globally distributed data centers, newer open source standards, cloud, and DevOps. Aligned to the modern computing needs, DevOps is becoming the onramp for companies to build software quickly through seamless collaboration between the development (dev) and operations (ops) teams. But lack of automation, siloed and legacy IT environments, and subpar tools and workflows stifle DevOps adoption among enterprises. With capabilities including systems orchestration, automation, and configuration management, SaltStack supports DevOps teams to simplify distributed cloud infrastructure while boosting collaboration between the dev and ops teams.

DevOps companies leverage SaltStack Enterprise software to orchestrate easy movement of code into production. By streamlining complex infrastructures, the companies achieve application delivery and optimal business service. Furthermore, SaltStack aids in the deployment and configuration of dynamic applications and better functioning of the infrastructure to achieve continuous delivery. The SaltStack platform supports workflow automation tools such as Puppet, Chef, Docker, and Jenkins for better application orchestration.

Aligned to today’s complex cloud computing environments, Saltstack supports DevOps practices by providing systems management products and services to enterprises at scale. Built on a remote execution engine, SaltStack delivers efficient cloud orchestration and configuration management by having complete control over distributed infrastructure encompassing software, resources, and the data. The SaltStack Enterprise software delivers an exclusive API layer built to provide easy and efficient integration with proprietary third-party technologies, existing infrastructure investments, or line-of-business applications.

The company has introduced its new software, Boron, which enhances the control capabilities of the Salt systems management platform through greater reliability and support for more cloud platforms. With intuitive features such as Salt Minion blackout, the software deals with inadvertent changes in the configuration by disabling all remote execution commands on Salt Minion daemon. By doing so, SaltStack prevents untimely configuration change, thus helping the operations teams to smooth out aberrations in the production environment automatically.

With these capabilities, SaltStack has been helping several large organizations including Rackspace, CloudFlare, Adobe, HP, and NASA. HATech, a DevOps consulting services company, planned to build an OpenStack private cloud for the highly regulated gaming industry, challenges were aplenty in the form of complex deployment and release workflows, need for regular software updates, and the dearth of automation platform for orchestrating multiple servers across Windows and Linux platforms.

SaltStack prevents untimely configuration change, thus helping the operations teams to smooth out aberrations in the production environment automatically

SaltStack was taken onboard for their capabilities in systems management and configuration automation. With an intuitive solution powered by SaltStack’s DevOps orchestration prowess, HATech has realized its first OpenStack private cloud for the gaming industry.

SaltStack plays a key role in the orchestration of multi-cloud infrastructure, business applications and services. With open source making headway into the business world, SaltStack’s open source software, Salt Open, is leveraged by organizations to manage data center and application environments in an automated fashion. Furthermore, SaltStack’s support services provide dedicated and prioritized access to the Salt brain trust for any Salt implementation.

With SaltStack Enterprise 5.0 on the cards, the company is bullish about its intelligent infrastructure orchestration, event-driven IT automation prowess. For the future, the company looks forward to expanding its support for even more platforms as it strives to automate the management of large infrastructure as well as complex and mission-critical software.


Lehi, UT

Marc Chenn, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides configuration management software for the orchestration and automation of CloudOps, ITOps, and DevOps.