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Modern day CIOs need to establish a bridge between IT (the infrastructure), and the users of big data analytics, who are rarely IT personnel themselves. One part of the organization is faced with the overwhelming challenges of legacy systems, unstructured data and cross platforms, and another part is faced with an enormous business demand to acquire better processing results. This environment usually leads to numerous complications within organizations. Salviol is well positioned to address these issues and merges the knowledge and process that is needed to form that bridge. “Our low implementation times and efficient results prove that we are very often the translator between IT and business users,” begins Aleksandar Vidović, CEO of Salviol “Our goal is to simplify even further as we progress and deliver big data technology trends to business users.”

This ability is built into Salviol’s flagship product FROPS, an efficient software solution that automatically detects, prevents, and enables investigation of all kinds of fraud. The platform covers a wide range of structured and unstructured information, ensuring effective analytical environment while maximizing accuracy for risk detection. “FROPS operates independently by identifying behavioral patterns in structured and unstructured data in the internal and external database from which it calculates the probable threats,” mentions Vidović.

FROPS operates independently by identifying behavioral patterns in structured and unstructured data in the internal and external database from which it calculates the probable threats

“We utilize two recent trends - deep learning and data agility, which both come standard in our FROPS software.” An enormous shift has been made towards data agility, which is important for serving the required data to users. Similarly, deep learning is essential for users who are utilizing more and more data, as systems are able to recognize points of interests. “Fraud is a dynamic problem that is constantly changing and evolving. Being better, faster and well-organized is only achievable through the monitoring of new trends, and testing innovative technology early on in its lifecycle for conveying enhanced outcome,” adds Vidović.
Aleksandar Vidovic, CEO
Salviol is achieving this goal by building innovative elements into their FROPS software such as an advanced case management module, a key fraud indicator server, investigative tools, and interconnects for observing potential fraudulent activities. These rudiments of the FROPS software are standard products in global industrial sectors, and are used by many organizations worldwide, such as insurance enterprises, banks, intelligence services, and police, military and money laundering prevention agencies.

Originally set out to support the fraud investigation departments of financial and insurance organizations, Salviol was actually isolated from the IT segment, giving the company great insight into the operational scenarios that were occurring with the consumer. “As we addressed issues encountered by our clients and their IT department, we gained experience in managing efficiency at various levels of IT services,” says Vidović.

Being a user-oriented company, Salviol enables their clients to adjust fraud indicators based on their current needs and market trends. “Salviol’s differentiation lies in our offerings, which look for behavioral deviances rather than relying solely on IT products,” notes Vidović. “We hold expertise in finding and detecting patterns in huge amounts of data, as well as looking for fraud based on the reasons for occurrence prior to the event.” In addition, Salviol provides an out-of-the-box solution with rapid deployment, integrated investigation suite with visualization charts, and customizable dashboards with extensive reporting capabilities.

An experienced team of innovators backs the unparalleled suite of services offered by Salviol. Connecting its clients with the global anti-fraud community, the company plans to deliver more effective IT support solution to prevent losses and decrease risk exposure. “We are working towards helping diverse segments of the industry with as much detail as we have in our current strongest segment, insurance,” concludes Vidović.

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Aleksandar Vidovic, CEO

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