Samanage: One Platform, Unlimited ITSM Functions

Marc Stitt, Sr. Director of Product Marketing
With customers being the king of business, ensuring a good customer experience emerges as the most important success factor. The key to achieving this lies in fostering an internal IT department that is robust and responsive, while catering to the needs of employees in an agile manner— whether that is easy access to services and information or providing the right set of tools. However, Marc Stitt, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Samanage—an IT service management company—says, “IT services and information are often siloed across an organization. Systems, applications, and business units operating individually hinder employees from accessing what they need, when it’s needed.” The Cary, NC-based company is effectively catering to this pivotal need by developing an integrated, fit-for-purpose service desk platform that helps internal service providers assist employees the best way possible—in the same manner enterprises service their external customers.

The software leverages the Salesforce® platform, including Salesforce Lightning, to develop intuitive IT service management (ITSM) solutions that every employee can use to access, request for services, or share work responsibilities across the organization. “We partnered with Salesforce to build a single service desk on top of the Service Cloud®, coupled with unique capabilities of the Community Cloud,” states Stitt. “Like never before, organizations can streamline and accelerate service delivery with a native service desk solution on Salesforce,” he adds.

The Samanage solution organizes the entire catalog of services from across an enterprise into a single platform, enabling employees to view their colleagues’ availability to accept a task and work with one another. “Samanage connects everyone everywhere—it is one service desk for real-time service interactions, built on the world’s leading customer success platform,” asserts Stitt. Apart from centralizing the majority of an organization’s operational workflows, Samanage also allows IT departments to easily extend its applications to functions like human resources, facilities, and procurement. The software supports mobile applications through Salesforce1™ Mobile App, enabling employees to work from wherever they are.

Like never before, organizations can streamline and accelerate service delivery with a native service desk solution on Salesforce

Samanage offers a product tailored to serve enterprises of all sizes in a cost effective manner. To drastically reduce repetitive service desk operations and manual work, the customized solutions Samanage provides are embedded with actionable intelligence underpinned by Einstein—Salesforce’s artificial intelligence solution. “With embedded intelligence within business contexts, organizations can automatically discover relevant insights, predict future behavior, proactively recommend the best next actions, and automate tasks,” explains Stitt.

Samanage has been a successful enabler of seamless, reliable internal services according to the platform’s millions of users. For instance, a large consumer products company employing thousands of staff faced operational inefficiencies due to a legacy backend ITSM system that was siloed and fragmented. The client wanted to implement a modern, enterprise-grade IT service delivery model that enhanced the help desk and service desk collaboration. Samanage helped them customize the ITSM solution with integrated applications, on the Salesforce platform. This enabled all of their employees to perform end-to-end IT management tasks collaboratively from a centralized location. By streamlining the whole process, both internal and external, the customer drastically achieved peak operational efficiency and ROI.

In a world where real-time workforce collaboration plays a central role in delivering positive business outcomes and profitability, Samanage is well positioned to steer organizations toward fostering exceptional internal IT services. Serving organizations across 54 countries, with millions of service requests and IT assets, Samanage is recognized for its unmatched UX capabilities and superior usability. Under Stitt’s leadership, the company is set to ‘walk the walk,’ forging into the future with an improved suite of products and advanced technology initiatives.


Cary, NC

Marc Stitt, Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Leverages Salesforce platform to develop single service desk for seamless service delivery