Sams Tech: Providing a Comprehensive Suite of IT Solutions

Since the pace of technology is changing, innovation and business adoption has been stunning. Nowadays, with the growing technology, the major challenge is to educate users on the emerging technologies. Also, shifting the focus from acquisition budget to total cost of ownership has become a prime concern. Addressing these challenges is Sams Tech, an IT consulting and integrator that delivers high-value-added services. “We offer a comprehensive suite of IT solutions and services that include system planning and design, integration, support, remote monitoring, and proactive system maintenance,” says Samir Ben Taieb, Director, Sams Tech. These managed solutions provide always-on reliability, 24x7 support, and predictability through one price model that fixes the cost of technology support at a price that small and medium sized organizations can afford.

Sams Tech has been involved in the ITILV3 ITSM process, quality insurance, and the workflow design of the biometric solution. Sams Tech employ qualified and certified consultant on many IT fields such as project management, quality management, biometric, and data center infrastructure with an extensive multinational experience on the IT consulting and service delivery.

“As a secured infrastructure and virtualization leader in North Africa, we architect best-of-breed solutions to deliver applications and data securely to multi-dimensional devices, ensuring the protection of a company's intellectual property. Citrix is a major partner in our technology offerings,” says Samir. Sams Tech offers Citrix solutions, which include mobile workforce, BYOD, collaboration, enterprise mobility and app, and desktop virtualization.

Sams Tech offers Citrix solutions, which securely deliver apps, desktops, data and services to any device on any network or cloud. Moreover, Sams Tech cloud solutions enable mobile workplaces. These solutions also stay connected and work together in real-time, using the cloud to aid in communication, file sharing, and project management across geographic distances. In addition, it protects and controls confidential business information, while enabling employee productivity with the right level of secure access.

The uniqueness of their solutions, along with their client-centric approach helps Sams Tech to standout from the rest.

We offer a comprehensive suite of IT solutions and services that include system planning and design, integration, support, remote monitoring, and proactive system maintenance

For instance, Tunisie Telecom, a telecom operator wanted to replace their 1,000 aging desktop computers used by call center and network operators, and find an easier, cost-effective way to support network-connected employees and dealers.

In early 2010, Sams Tech proposed Citrix solution so that Tunisie representatives could provide more responsive service. Cost was a factor in desktop maintenance, largely due to field assistance for hardware and software issues.

Sams Tech started investigating options for its computer refresh project and support challenges, and decided to explore desktop virtualization solutions. Desktop virtualization makes it possible for users to access desktops that are running as virtual machines on servers in the datacenter from thin-client computers, and for IT staff to manage all the virtual machines from a central console. It was a logical solution for structured worker profiles such as Tunisie Telecom employees and dealers who always work when connected to the network, task workers in the call center. Tunisie Telecom shared computers with people on other shifts, and network operators who require a secure solution for accessing data.

The goal of Sams Tech’s approach and management is to align people, processes, and technology to deliver the customer experience they intend.Going forward, Sams Tech is planning to work on managed services center to provide services for European and North America companies.

Sams Tech

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Samir Ben Taieb, Director

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