Sandata Technologies: Home Care EVV Solution for Payers, Providers and Participants

Tom Underwood, CEO
From home health monitoring systems that integrate with hospital networks to mobile pharmaceutical administration units, today’s home healthcare system is undergoing a massive technological revolution. Although legacy systems are being replaced with faster, less-intrusive and more powerful equipment, the typical silos of Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance, and Private Pay continue to exist with their lack of integration, and this is where Sandata is unique. “We provide a single home care technology platform that can be used by Payers, Providers, and Participants, regardless of whether they are in Medicaid, Medicare, or Private Pay environments,” begins Tom Underwood, CEO, Sandata Technologies. “The use of our technology provides better visibility into the care that is delivered in the home, improves the efficiency of the home care ecosystem, and provides real-time visibility into the health status of the patient at home.”

The firm’s Santrax Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) platform is an Oracle-based solution at its core, designed for scale and flexibility to adapt to each client’s requirements, and is currently supporting over 150 million transactions annually. The solution can be deployed in a modular fashion, from a state-wide deployment to use by a single home care agency. The Sandata EVV solution integrates with Payer authorization systems, and also automates all the functions within a home care agency, including staff management, scheduling, visit verification, billing, and cash management. The platform allows home care providers to verify and validate six important data elements— the caregiver, the recipient, the service delivered, the start and stop times, the date of service, and the location of the service. Additionally, the Sandata EVV solution allows the caregiver to generate alerts based on change-of-conditions noted by the caregiver. “Our solution allows the caregivers to operate without paper because documentation is captured at the point of care and made available in real-time,” explains Underwood.

A unique attribute of the Sandata EVV solution is that it is designed for interoperability. The newest module is the Sandata Aggregator, which operates as an EVV Clearinghouse.

We deliver measurable value to all the constituents of the home care industry; Payers, Providers, and the Participants. For over 38 years, we have been singularly focused on technology to improve the delivery of home and community based care

The Aggregator is EVV-vendor agnostic, allowing payers to create an open, interoperable EVV system across a network of providers using multiple EVV solutions. “We will continue to bring innovative solutions to the home care market that support interoperability. Presently we have integrated with over 60 different software packages in our market, and we expect that number to continue growing based on our goal to create industry-standard interfaces,” states Underwood.

As an example of their focus on interoperability, Sandata is currently implementing an open-EVV environment for a large mid-western state where the care for over 50,000 members in the home will be managed with the Aggregator model. Provider agencies will have the option to use the Sandata EVV solution provided by the state, or to continue using their own EVV system that is compliant with state requirements. The Aggregator will be the Clearinghouse for all EVV transactions, and provide both the state and the providers real-time information needed to ensure care is delivered appropriately.

Sandata is excited about the recent passage of the 21st Century Cures Act, which will require the use of EVV technology for most Medicaid homecare services. “Mandating the use of EVV will save tax-payer dollars, ensure home-based care is delivered appropriately, and improve the overall homecare market,” states Underwood.

Sandata Technologies

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Tom Underwood, CEO

Provides technology that increases the efficiency and transparency with the delivery of home and community based care.

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