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Jon Canty, CEO
With an explosion in electronic data, the eDiscovery process that was initially characterized by simple keyword searches has become increasingly automated and scientific in nature. While there is no dearth of sophisticated technology to aid in the process of identifying and managing relevant evidence for a lawsuit or court mandate, the adoption of a one-size-fits-all approach and lack of high-quality service stands as a bottleneck for most organizations seeking information governance. It is exactly this scenario where Sandline Discovery’s flexible and client-centric approach has added value to both outside counsel and in-house legal teams alike. A boutique litigation support and eDiscovery service provider, Sandline Discovery anticipates the needs of attorneys and case requirements and delivers state of the art digital evidence solutions, backed by exceptional high-touch service. “We not only offer niche solutions for every stage of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) but tackle each project with a personalized and collaborative approach,” says Jon Canty, CEO, Sandline Discovery. Assisting law firms and corporations, the Sandline team is powered by experts with years of experience in litigation support who possess in-depth knowledge and skills in eDiscovery. Moreover, having worked with one of the largest law firms in the world himself, Canty exhibits deep expertise in handling some of the most difficult challenges that arise in litigation.

For all eDiscovery data processing, hosting and review services, the company uses Relativity, the best-in-class eDiscovery software, as its primary platform for service delivery. Relativity not only has an expansive set of features and tools but also allows developers to design, build, and integrate applications into the software. “Adding to our years of experience in administering Relativity, we invest substantial time in building add-ons to enhance this platform, as many of our clients use Relativity as their primary eDiscovery tool and depend on our expertise,” explains Canty. Last year, the company also introduced Language Localizer, a custom application to improve the overall experience for a global client base that includes non-native English speakers.

Sandline offers an end-to-end eDiscovery approach that maximizes efficiency, cost control, and defensibility.
Sandline manages a network of examiners from around the world who perform defensible forensic data collection of cloud-based, on premises and mobile sources. For a recent case, the company completed a complex 4-country collection within a week by applying a custom tailored strategy involving both remote and onsite collection with 24- hour coordination. Following collection, the Sandline methodology is focused on defensible data reduction in preparation for review. This involves efficient processing and document categorization and a transparent process that involves decision maker input from the legal team. From here, Sandline’s integrated managed review services, takes over in a seamless process as a capstone to their full-service solution.

Apart from specialized technology services, Sandline steers clear of unnecessary bureaucracy within departments and follows an agile methodology to facilitate smooth client transactions. “eDiscovery demands are serious, and the work is difficult. Clients definitely don’t want to hear that their urgent request is in the queue. For the best customer experience, Sandline actively crafts thoughtful solutions with urgency that matches that of our clients,” mentions Canty.

We not only offer niche solutions for every stage of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) but tackle each project with a personalized and collaborative approach

In the days to come, Sandline plans to actively integrate advanced analytics solutions that will supplement Relativity’s recent advancements in continuous active learning via SVM a machine learning algorithm. The overall outlook for 2018 will see the company focusing on technology enhancement and scalability along with further expansion. Having opened two new offices in Detroit and Taipei in 2017, Sandline aims to emerge as the one-stop shop worldwide for quality litigation support and eDiscovery management.

Sandline Discovery

Falls Church, VA

Jon Canty, CEO

A boutique litigation support and eDiscovery service provider, serving both law firms and corporations in the U.S. and globally

Sandline Discovery