SANS Technology: Intelligent Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions

Gaurang Mehta, CEO
Computer crashes, virus infection, hard drive failure, physical computer damage, are few threat instances that can wreck havoc in an organization anytime. Therefore, having duplicate copies of important information saved in a remote location has become a crucial requirement for enterprises today. To ensure protection of their mission-critical data, companies require an infrastructure that will maintain multiple, restorable copies of the data, in a cost-effective manner to run their businesses efficiently. Addressing the existing data protection and storage challenges, 2013 incepted SANS Technology provides innovative and cutting-edge data storage solutions enabling enterprises to simplify and manage their data storage supply chain. “We support our clients, right from the creation to archiving of their important data,” begins Gaurang Mehta, CEO, SANS Technology. Based in Columbia, MD, SANS Technology’s mission is to meet the client’s storage needs with simple, easy-to-manage, and flexible solutions, that accommodate the ever-changing demands of today’s enterprise data management. “Our software-defined storage solutions resolve complex data storage problems,” extols Mehta. Being a proven leader in unified storage for big data, data protection, and BYOD solutions, SANS Technology offers specialized storage solutions for all physical, virtual and cloud environments.

“With over two decades of experience in the data storage industry, we have noticed that the image based backup and cloud-based data replication play an integral part in the backup arena,” notes Mehta. “By being a business continuity solution and DRaaS provider, and not just a backup, our offerings have the ability to run image based backups, and then spin-up those images on the local appliance directly, or replicate it and spin-up offsite.” SANS Technology’s backup and recovery solution QFlexBackup offers a comprehensive and affordable onsite backup, cloud replication, and disaster recovery platform for enterprise (large and small), as well as managed services and managed hosting providers to boost their customer base and revenues by enhancing their service offerings.

Unlike the traditional magnetic tape or CD/DVD/media type technology backup solution, SANS Technology delivers an innovative Disk2Disk2Disk cross-platform and high performance backup solution.

Our hybrid storage solutions simplify the complex nature of enterprise data storage

“Our offerings provide the capability to minimize the backup time significantly, approximately upto three-five times faster. Instant restore capability slashes recovery time and enables faster disaster recovery of physical or virtual machines,” mentions Mehta.

Experts at providing data storage solutions to organizations worldwide, SANS Technology has recently partnered with Syneto, a European provider of data storage arrays, to build a high performance storage system that maintains 100 percent accurate, reliable, and accessible data.

Working with growing start-ups, educational institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and top government agencies, “Our customers can adapt to the ever-changing landscape of data storage while their data is secure and compliant,” mentions Mehta. In an instance, a large agency, having around 80 different servers, and spread across three different locations, faced difficulty in managing their vast amounts of data. The client used the traditional backup solution and stored their data on tape, spending 300-400 thousand dollars every year. Embracing SANS Technology’s cost-effective backup solution, the client was able to gain onsite backup and offsite replication capability at a savings of 40-50 percent with backup times reduced by 40 percent. “We provided them with a turnkey solution that recovered their data, restored every single file, and resolved all the data storage issues at an affordable cost,” says Mehta.

The company’s vision is to help both profit and non-profit organizations thrive, by providing them with data storage solutions that proffer the industry’s best ROI. “Our focus is on the people side of the enterprise, where we strive to make business processes easier for our clients. On the anvil are plans to develop our products and solutions that further simplify the data storage process,” concludes Mehta.

SANS Technology

Columbia, MD

Gaurang Mehta, CEO

Provider of one-stop data storage solutions that stores, manages, and recovers data

SANS Technology