Sapphire Systems: End-to-End Visibility and Control to Drive Every Aspect of Textile Business

Richard Hudson, Marketing Director
As new fashion trends emerge, the production as well as supply chain has to respond to the market demand. In such a scenario, the textile companies struggle to obtain a complete view of the entire business from design, production and sales, and customer relationships by making viable recommendations around products, and eliminating data redundancies. Sapphire Systems, an enterprise software provider with offices based throughout the US, offers an industry specific apparel solution that integrates and automates manufacturing, supply chain, sales and financial processes, to provide a complete overview of business. “The software helps apparel businesses run more efficiently and effectively, especially where meeting deadlines are crucial key and a delay in the plan, even by a few days, will affect the subsequent phases in production,” asserts Richard Hudson, Marketing Director, Sapphire Systems.

“Our observation has been that lots of textile companies have disjointed systems, separate CRM, WMS, Accounting, EDI and others,” says Hudson. However, more and more businesses require a completely integrated solution which is exactly what Sapphire offers. The company offers a completely integrated ERP product that provides complete transparency and real-time access to information for all departments such as design, merchandising, sales, and accounting.

Today, as textile companies are increasingly adapting overseas manufacturing, apparel products are often designed in the U.S. yet manufactured by firms spread across continents. Sapphire Systems aims to close the barriers between designers and manufacturers by offering tech packs. “Sapphire is well positioned because as an international company, we are able offer round-the-clock support and we have consultants that speak many foreign languages such as mandarin, not to mention the fact we and have hands-on experience in the apparel industry,” remarks Hudson.

Often people perceive textile as color and size, however, Sapphire goes beyond this concept by engaging in product data management, the costing sheet, the critical path, and production of tech packs, right through to sales, shipping, invoicing and collection and more.

We always work hard to ensure and understand a business - their drivers and their particular area of expertise - before putting forward a solution

“We have a comprehensive solution that has been written by people that understand the apparel market,” extols Hudson. “This is over and above the standard functionality that the customers would expect from traditional ERP, such as AR, AP, Finance, Banking, Administration, Inventory and more.”

Tanveer Waseem, VP East Coast Sales
The company concentrates on the business of building professional, customized, and affordable solutions that deliver scalable results and helps clients find ways to succeed in today’s extended enterprise environment. Sapphire leverages SAP Business, one that houses specialist functionality for fashion and apparel businesses—allowing the customers to entirely integrate and automate the manufacturing, supply chain, sales, and financial processes.

“We always work hard to ensure and understand a business–their drivers and their particular area of expertise– before putting forward a solution,” adds Tanveer Waseem, VP East Coast Sales, Sapphire Systems. On a progressive note, “We are planning to continue our aggressive expansion plan into the U.S. market and we want to grow into Chicago,” concludes Hudson.

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Richard Hudson, Marketing Director and Tanveer Waseem, VP East Coast Sales

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