Sarcar Systems: Expanding the Hyperconverged Horizon

Annurag B. Sarcar, Founder and CEO
Enterprise infrastructure was a rigid construct, a system and process hitherto set in stone. The three legs that supported it—allocating separate resources for computation, storage, and network—are today, passé. Today, as those legacy systems depart from the traditional infrastructure paradigm, their principles are still in relevance, except perhaps their need to be deployed as standalone. High cost, lack of active control of on-premise hardware, and limitations on security put a damper on their use and yet present a strong case for the hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI)— that combines compute, storage and networking under the same operational umbrella.

Out with the old and in with the new, this transition to HCI, however cumbersome, is an area of particular specialty for veteran technocrats, Sarcar Systems. Built by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the telecom, finance, and networking fields, Sarcar Systems have seen the industry evolve, constantly pushing the limits of the latest in technological development. “Our core competency is the software-defined data center curve, which includes designing and architecting converged as well as hyper-converged solutions, along with building the private cloud and integration with public or private clouds,” says Annurag B. Sarcar, founder and CEO of Sarcar Systems.

There are two components to any cloud design— underlay and overlay. For Sarcar, VMware NSX is the preferred tool of choice for the overlay. Sarcar’s team has extensive knowledge in networking and storage technologies, and they constantly strive to leverage the network virtualization component of VMware. Along the way, Sarcar Systems has partnered with other manufacturers of converged or hyper-converged solutions to bundle their solutions onto that hardware and provide the best in class in hyper-converged solutions. “Anyone can install VMware, however, when we deploy a solution that takes into account the business need, the resultant metrics throw light on how our solution is helping our clients to increase their business and lower the cost of ownership,” explains Sarcar.

Sarcar’s process starts off by identifying the existing technology footprint of their customer followed by understanding the pain points, including scalability, redundancy and turnaround times. The plan is then tailored to suit a specific roadmap, in terms of time to delivery, options of a combined legacy, and cloud-based solutions. Sarcar’s team can even overhaul all existing infrastructure and come up with a brand new solution if need be.

Our core competency is the software-defined data center curve, which includes designing and architecting converged as well as hyper-converged solutions, along with building the private cloud and integration with public or private clouds

Most times, it is a parallel process where a customer can retain their legacy footprint while the new solution can start with an automated cloud solution. “We always encourage our customers to start with a PoC and begin with a limited footprint. This will help them to assimilate and fine-tune the requirement as per their line of business before they can scale it bigger,” says Sarcar. The modular design of the converged or hyper-converged solution is thus a right fit as the business scales, vertically or horizontally.

Sarcar cites an instance where they helped a particular customer set up a new IT infrastructure as they transitioned from one business area to another, leveraging powerful tools in their arsenal to produce maximum value. After going through a few possible iterations regarding implementation, Sarcar educated themselves on the customer’s line of business and then explained how their new technology could help the customer to update their infrastructure. A custom solution was thus formed to match the particular needs of the client, and a successful onboarding was carried forward.

For the future, Sarcar envisions a product-based solution tailored for industry verticals from biogenetics to finance, where they can establish a brand name as a provider of cutting-edge infrastructure solutions with their deeper emphasis on quality of service.

Annurag has over 25 years of rich industry experience, across wide range industry verticals. He earned a degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Cornell University.

Sarcar Systems

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Annurag B. Sarcar, Founder and CEO

Sarcar Systems is a leader in design and engineering of the converged and hyper-converged networking solution