Sargon Solutions: Accelerating Risk Visibility on an Enterprise Level

Jeff Recor, President
Today, the siloed mentality of risk management solution providers and inordinate concentration on compliance tools is making it increasingly difficult for companies to gain an integrated view of their overall risk posture. In addition, an inconsistency in risk management on an enterprise level has made it difficult for clients to improve their maturity around risk visibility. To combat this predicament a team of risk management veterans established Sargon Solutions, a risk management consultancy firm that holistically addresses challenges in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), security operations, vendor risk, and audit management. “We are helping clients take advantage of new technologies and approaches to improve risk visibility and accelerate access to information required to make better informed decisions that are in compliance with regulations,” says Jeff Recor, president of Sargon Solutions.

Sargon Solutions’ experienced team assists clients with increasing efficiencies by designing a technology ecosystem that links assets to risks and then applies controls to bring the risk into acceptable tolerance levels. Controls are then mapped to regulatory requirements and internal policies to provide organizations with a complete risk and compliance view of their environment.

Before founding Sargon Solutions, Recor had built several integrated control libraries for large bank, insurance, and energy companies and understood that a control-based checklist is hard to scale. Moreover, as clients look to incorporate capabilities that span across the enterprise, such as the General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR) have created a market gap in terms of effective risk management approaches and supporting GRC technology. This led Sargon Solutions to focus on technology platforms that could support integrated methods revolving around an asset-centric approach to risk management. In addition to better visibility into risk, client’s gain a more scalable approach for building compliance efficiencies across the enterprise instead of utilizing a control-checklist approach to compliance. This approach also enables an easier way of performing regulatory change management since controls can be mapped back to associated requirements and flagged when a new change in a compliance regulation is identified.
Paul Sturr, Vice President
“This journey of transformation from an integrated control to linking assets to risks has enabled us to show clients that they can get better visibility into the things that matter across the enterprise from a risk perspective,” explains Paul Sturr, principal at Sargon Solutions.

To provide an example of how Sargon has assisted a client, Sturr shares a story about a large Midwest financial firm that was struggling with its compliance program and associated GRC technology enablement project. The Midwest firm discovered that using integrated controls was challenging and didn’t give them the risk rationalized view of controls that was needed. The Sargon team assisted in building out the asset to risk to controls architecture that was needed and then built a way to map evidence against multiple controls to provide greater efficiency for compliance and control testing activities.

We are helping clients take advantage of new technologies and approaches to improve focus on risk and accelerate the production of information they need to make better and informed decisions

Like its namesake, Sargon the Great, Sargon Solutions is gaining traction in the banking, tax and insurance, healthcare, and energy markets and has grown exponentially since its inception in 2018. The company’s adeptness in ServiceNow integrated risk solutions and previous experience in implementing various risk and compliance tools has helped them understand the market and build innovative approaches to help clients with their GRC challenges. “We plan to combine upcoming technology with our consultative approach to give clients a better experience in integrated risk management,” concludes Recor.

Sargon Solutions

Jeff Recor, President and Paul Sturr, Vice President

Sargon Solutions provides consulting and Implementation services for Integrated Risk Management (IRM). The focus is on Security Operations (SecOps) and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) and all the associated use cases such as Policy Management, Compliance Management, Audit Management, Risk Management, and Asset Management. Specialists have extensive experience on the ServiceNow platform. The team has completed hundreds of projects at some of the largest companies in the world across the financial, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, retail, insurance, and telecommunications industries.