Sarvicus: A Unique Combination of ICT And Utility Services

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Marc Packard, Co-Founder & CEO and Lee Hartley, Co-Founder & COO Robust communication infrastructure and connectivity network is the “backbone” of modern-day organizations. With high-speed internet becoming an essential utility today, organizations can’t risk having an inefficient infrastructure in their buildings. A securely deployed Inside Plant (ISP) and Outside Plant (OSP) cabling system and accompanying services is a critical component that facilitates these networks. This is where the value proposition of companies like Sarvicus comes to play. With a team of experienced information technology and utility professionals, Sarvicus helps customize and implement effective solutions that blend technology, innovation, and specialized partners with no-nonsense service.

Sarvicus has several years of experience in providing cabling services to meet the demanding requirements of fire departments, school districts, government municipalities, and commercial organizations. The company combines this experience with their expertise in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure to offer end to end services for its customers. From deploying underground fiber cables and entire cable connections inside a building to installing routers and network switches, Sarvicus delivers safe, high-quality, and cost-effective services while making sure that everything is “connected” and functional around the clock. “Our tagline, ‘service is spelled a little bit differently,’ defines us the best,” states Marc Packard, the Co-Founder and CEO of Sarvicus. In effect, going beyond the products, Sarvicus focuses heavily on the service side and delivers what mark describes as “an experience” to clients. “We deliver the best possible service irrespective of the project’s size—high or low budget,” Marc adds. And the results are clearly visible. A significant portion of Sarvicus’ clients today comes through the recommendation of other clients who have worked with the company. “Word of mouth has proven to be the best advertising and marketing medium for us,” says Marc.

A Journey Rooted in Friendship

Marc Packard and Lee Hartley, the Co-Founder and COO of Sarvicus, conceptualized the company together in 2010. From being best friends at high school, Marc and Lee worked for various large organizations, including Memorial Hermann Healthcare, EMC, LyondellBasell, and Waste Management, before starting their business in a small warehouse. “We’ve grown from a two-person rowboat to a sailboat in the past ten years,” says Marc. Over the years, the co-founders realized that the requirements of enterprises they serve grew broad and extensive. In tune with these developments, Sarvicus continued to expand its services and solutions portfolio to merge utilities and information technologies.

“Balancing the ‘right’ solution portfolio” is an ongoing challenge,” comments Marc. “Change is the only constant when dealing with real world scenarios. It may sound simplistic, but we learn from our customers.

Change is the Only Constant When Dealing With Real World Scenarios. It May Sound Simplistic, But We Learn From Our Customers

They know their business best. We take what we know and formulate a solution that meets as many requirements as possible.”

Realizing that every project has unique needs, Sarvicus analyzes the blueprint of projects thoroughly, learns about clients’ processes, and conducts detailed discussions with stakeholders to ensure that they understand all deliverables in advance. The company also integrates all elements and people, including contractors and departments, for the successful completion of a project. Sarvicus then delivers services on time and budget that will eventually allow their clients to provide a seamless experience to their customers.

A Complete Package

Unlike other players in the market who offer either IT or utility services, Sarvicus delivers a complete package of services from establishing networks and access points, to cabling. “We even construct (aerial or underground) paths from the carrier to the customer’s facilities,” states Lee. The company is also capable of handling fiber or copper structured cabling that can be integrated into the customer’s IT environment. They also design, install and configure the client’s IT network, wireless communication, security, and AV requirements. “We have the ability to integrate all the necessary components and technologies and offer a single solution from end to end. The developer can preview the entire solution from one service provider. To them, we provide a cost-effective, streamlined project that is easier to manage,” Lee adds.

In the last two years alone, Sarvicus has delivered more than 900 projects. The company is credited with replacing cables and revamping IT services across multiple school branches of Harmony Public School in Texas. With proper coordination and timing—that included working even on weekends and night, Sarvicus was able to seamlessly handle the whole process without interfering with the school’s schedules, events, phones, or their computer systems. For another school district in Austin, Sarvicus installed switches and access points for free--an action appreciated by the school for a highly reliable and durable solution. The company is currently working on a large development project in Texas City. For this project, Sarvicus is handling several areas: outdoor paths for the fiber backbone, cameras, wireless access points, audio/video, and core infrastructure.

Staying true to its tagline, Sarvicus believes in meeting customer’s business requirements through uncompromised services. Team Sarvicus sticks around clients from the initial stage, i.e., from the project design to construction of the building to better understand the infrastructure for installations and ensures that everything is well connected and working correctly. “

Marc believes that the Sarvicus approach is quite unique in the ICT space.

Efficiency is a core principle at Sarvicus. “Whether it’s a process, piece of equipment, or a tool, we try to optimize its efficiency,” He says. “When we are successful, that often translates to benefits for our customers.” Also, many of the solutions that the company provides to its customers are used at Sarvicus. “Our VOIP, network infrastructure, cameras, and cabling are a few examples of solutions used at Sarvicus that mirror our customers,” he adds.

"Our Tagline, ‘Service Is Spelled A Little Bit Differently,’ Defines Us The Best"

To maintain efficiency across all segments, Sarvicus’ leaders meet with their employees and discuss business plans and issues in every two weeks. “We conduct meetings to keep our teams engaged and in sync. Some of the best ideas are generated from the interactions with our employees. We also make sure that everyone in the company delivers their services as a unified “Sarvicus” to our customers,” remarks Marc. Another aspect of the discussion in meetings revolves around market and customer adaptation. Sarvicus also ensures that its team adheres to protocols and follows all safety precautions in the worksite. The company holds regular team safety meetings to ensure that the workforce is updated and made well aware of the regulations.

A Journey Powered by Achievements

The unique service-focused approach has helped Sarvicus grow organically over the years. Strategic acquisitions— including the recent acquisition of I&S— also played a part in the growth, helping the company expand its services. The achievements speak for itself. Sarvicus was ranked in the Inc. 500 list last year, and the company also grabbed 34th spot in the list of top 100 fast-growing veteran-owned companies. Another milestone was becoming the 499th company in the top 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.

“We’ve hit major financial goals, and had a record year,” says Packard. The company is now looking forward to adding more services into its portfolio and expanding its footprint over 70 sites across the country. Sarvicus is continuously updating its technology to tailor the right solution and maintain the highest quality in their services. In 2019, the company purchased new construction equipment worth over a million dollars to increase productivity, and to ensure that they meet their customer timelines.

Looking into the future, Marc is confident about Sarvicus’s growth map. Having multiple projects in the pipeline, the company is already planning for potential expansions in 2021. “This year, we plan on investing in our workforce to ensure that we continue delivering the same quality as we do today. We have watched many companies grow to a point where they are no longer what they originally represented. Our focus is to not lose our identity,” concludes Marc.


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Marc Packard, Co-Founder & CEO and Lee Hartley, Co-Founder & COO

Delivers information technology tools and programs to meet the needs of customers, including government municipalities, school districts, and commercial organizations