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Dara Solomon, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
The concept of user experience (UX) optimization has been around for a long time, although it has never been an area of investment for traditional businesses. With the market growing increasingly competitive, enterprises have started to identify customer experience and UX as key factors that can differentiate them from their peers. Satori Interactive has been a major player in these areas, helping businesses improve their customers’ experiences—internal and external—for years. At a time when the industry had turned a blind eye to UX, Satori took an interest in understanding what users were trying to accomplish and the limitations they faced. “Our focus was on the human element that was missing from the UX framework, and we sought to bring it into play,” says Dara Solomon, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Satori Interactive. This focus truly reflects in their work today, just like the name “Satori” itself, which is the Japanese equivalent of enlightenment—the moment when you really understand something.

Satori performs a series of activities before setting any project into motion to understand the behavioral aspects of projects and gain insights to balance the business needs and KPIs with what the customers want. This methodology allows the company to engage with its clients’ internal teams and customers and gain relevant insight on how to create unique digital experiences for users around design concepts and functionality. This iterative approach to integrating UX with the project lifecycle delivers outstanding benefits for clients such as faster time to market, extensive customer adoption, and greater ROI based on usage.

At the core of Satori’s rock-solid solutions is the unfailing desire to assist customers in turning their ideas into reality. Satori extends Strategy and Research, enabling its clients to learn about their customers’ history, goals, and requirements. This is where Satori’s UX Design comes into play, with its capability to design new products and functionalities to meet larger strategic objectives.

Our focus was on the human element that was missing from the UX framework

When it comes to digital innovation, Satori has a proven technique to help clients get out of their comfort zones, test assumptions and probabilities, and validate their ideas for bringing cutting edge solutions to market. Given that the present society is data-driven, most of these “innovations” include data. For instance, Satori harnesses the power of big data to offer data visualization in a way that stakeholders understand and is meaningful for customers to use.

Thanks to its rich expertise, Satori has assisted several organizations— including Fortune 500 companies—in augmenting their user experience. One of Satori’s clients was trying to streamline traditional sales and marketing materials to help sales representatives effectively customize the product value proposition as per individual customer needs. Engaging with the client, Satori converted their manual sales presentations into interactive story boards by gathering information from existing content along with understanding the client’s business goals and customer requirements. As a result, the client was able to support their sales force with a digital platform designed to convey a story around the product lifecycle and its utilities which in turn educated the client’s customers. In another instance, Satori created a business intelligence dashboard for a hospitality enterprise that rendered the client valuable insight to make strategic decisions which in turn boosted their revenue.

Since its inception in 2004, Satori has evolved organically from a consulting firm to become a boutique, digital experience agency. Encapsulating the company’s vision, the founder notes, “Our primary goal is to maintain the same level of customer intimacy and consistent excellent delivery as we move ahead.”

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Dara Solomon, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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