Savant Information Technology: Delivering Tailored Solutions Using Open Source Technology

Marcos Sungaila, Owner
Apart from the most advanced open-source software technology, “Red Hat is a company that has in its DNA the innovation needed to meet the needs of an increasingly agile and demanding market,” says Marcos Sungaila, Owner, Savant Information Technology. However, with the growth of innovative technologies, “companies on a daily basis are challenged with optimizing processes, adopting agile, dynamic, and cost-effective tools to add value to their business and sustainability.” Addressing these challenges, Savant puts forward dynamic solutions whose results are visible and concrete, with quality and reliability. Established as an Open Source solutions provider, the company associates with Red Hat to serve the corporate market with innovative infrastructure networks and information security solutions. Over the years, partnering with Red Hat, Savant has become specialized services and Premier Training Partner with experience in cloud computing. “With expertise in open source technologies and deep knowledge of Red Hat products, we at Savant develop tailored projects, matching customers’ needs along with Red Hat technology, providing the best cost-benefit ratio,” says Sungaila. Savant is also trusted by Red Hat to deliver consulting services to its customers whose projects require a high degree of technical knowledge.

Products in Red Hat are designed using open source software and are structured to enterprise environments. Leveraging them enables Savant to better serve the corporate market, offering the expected operating warranty in technologies. The strong highlights of this partnership is the synergy between Savant and Red Hat to offer quality services, products, highly specialized knowledge, and innovative products which add value to customers.

Savant has developed a series of products, which can be customized to customer’s needs. To fulfill the need for firewall on new internet connections, the company offers a solution that includes traffic control, bandwidth control, content filtering with web management and monitoring interface, besides an intrusion detection and protection system. Also, using Red Hat products, Savant ensutes high availability features features for applications and databases without the need for specialized software version or equipment.

Further, the company implements e-mail systems integrated into groupware applications acting as a Collaboration Suite for the exchange of e-mail and instant messages.
“As specialized service, we deliver Server Assessment or Server Auditing to Red Hat and other customers, those services requires technical knowledge about server security and best server implementation,” affirms Sungaila.

Having expertise in virtualization, cloud computing environment as well as in information security and centralized authentication using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Savant provides services to a wide client base. For instance, one of their clients started its server virtualization process where the virtual machines were created using the virtualization capabilities of the operating system. In spite of using enterprise-class storage to host all virtual machines images, the client was having problems in management and boot process of Vendor Management System (VMS). “To improve management and stabilization of the environment, we recommended the adoption of RHEV—Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization—platform that provides dedicated virtualization hosts, centralized management, and monitoring system,” says Sungaila. The platform added features like live migration, storage migration, and automatic recovery, enabling the client to increase its cluster virtualization.

To show customers the benefits of new technologies and methods of integrating them into the corporate environment with minimal impact, Savant’s team is dedicated to researching new systems, applications, and functionalities. As a whole, the company differentiates itself through its deep product knowledge, personalized service, flexibility, and customer focus.

With specialization in open source technologies, we at Savant develop tailored projects matching customers’ needs with Red Hat products

Moving ahead, Savant is looking forward to establish itself as one of the best Red Hat partners and capture new market, thereby extending its service benefits to other customers.

Savant Information Technology

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Marcos Sungaila, Owner

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