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Tim Boyd, President and CEO
Traditional media has been shadowed by electronic signage’s endless capabilities to deliver relevant information in schools, office buildings, hospitals and even casinos. However, the cost of infrastructure and implementation as well as the lack of understanding of the underlying technology, and the benefits involved pose key threats to the industry growth. Owing to different requirements of organizations, there is no single formula when it comes to finding the right solutions provider in this realm. Set against this backdrop, SAVE Electronics ensures a seamless digital transformation by helping companies design, install, and manage end-to-end digital signage solutions in both commercial and residential applications. The 60-year-old, family-owned business covers every facet of electronic signage from the original vacuum tubes to lamp-free projectors to custom designed head-end systems, and more. “There are a lot of questions that go into creating a well-designed system that meets every need. We strive to find the right solution for our clients’ needs and also designing and upgrading them in a better way,” says Tim Boyd, the President and CEO of SAVE Electronics. With his four-decade-old passion for electronics and commitment to his father’s legacy of delivering great customer service, Boyd is leading the company to stellar heights with “Outstanding Design, Outstanding Customer Service.”

SAVE Electronics caters to the entire spectrum of digital signage technology, helping clients with setting up and programming electronics, creating content and managing their signage solutions. They help clients in configuring specific timing and content of the digital signage to ensure a successful marketing strategy, allowing companies to focus more on their clients. The company’s digital signage solution can be integrated with numerous POS systems such as Dinerware, MICROS, POSitouch, Focus, and Aloha. This helps businesses like quick service restaurants (QSR) to get information about their menu availability from their POS systems and display in real-time on the menu boards. SAVE Electronics acquires an in-depth understanding of clients’ requirements, flowed by which the team of experts presents the best ideas and digital signage related technologies, and explain how they might help the clients improve their bottom lines.

Let SAVE Electronics help you “Upgrade To A Better Way”

Next, the company identifies the type of content to be displayed on the menu that determines the panel requirement for the project. They also help clients log and track digital advertisements to ensure accurate payments from the advertisers.

SAVE Electronics also delivers apps with numerous capabilities for automating various functions within an organization. The company identifies the required functionalities such as displaying highest scores or the best customer of the month, sending notifications to the customers, or integrating business services or IoT devices into the app. Unlike their peers in the market, the company also builds geofencing-enabled apps that allow businesses to attract customers based on their current location and habits.

In an instance, SAVE Electronics helped a restaurant upgrade their drive-through technology. Steering away from traditional microphone-based ordering systems, SAVE Electronics reinvented the entire drive-through experience by installing an app-based touch panel, which allowed their customers to place orders by just touching over the menu proactively. The automated ordering system ensured the accuracy of the orders and increased the restaurant’s proficiency in delivering food by 20 percent. The client also noticed a steep decline in the order returns and food wastage.

Scripting similar success stories, SAVE Electronics is offering low-voltage LED lighting systems that lack individual electronic drivers. The main power supply contains the drivers with surge and filter protection built-in, which helps in achieving up to 100,000 hours along with using less power to operate. “We can run 100 lights on a 120V two-phase circuit, and 300 lights on a 120V off a 120 amp breaker,” says Boyd. This has enabled SAVE Electronics’ clients to reduce the size of their panels and battery backups drastically.

SAVE Electronics

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Tim Boyd, President and CEO

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