Saviom: Doing More Projects with fewer Resources Using Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)

CIO VendorOm Gupta, Director
Om Gupta, Director of Saviom Software carefully analyzes every problem, social or professional. He believes combining this activity with the process of thinking, planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals in the project management landscape. “The current hiccup in project management sector is that staffs in most organizations are not optimally utilized. Due to complex organizational structures and matrix management, there is little enterprise wide visibility of work demand generated by current/future projects or non-project related activities,” says Gupta. Due to this lack of visibility, it is impossible to plan and match resources supply against the work demand and accurately forecast the future resource requirements.

Saviom overcomes these challenges with a complete end-to-end collaborative, highly configurable management and optimization solution, specifically designed to meet the needs of individual business environments. The company’s Resource Planning and Scheduling Software enables businesses achieve excellence in managing their business operations while maximizing the ROI.

Saviom solutions prioritize project investment and resources to deliver tangible results back to businesses. “None of the current systems like ERP, HR, and Project Management are designed for managing resources efficiently. As a result, companies end up using spreadsheets, calendar and desktop applications which prove to be far too basic. We free these companies from the expense of a home grown, rigid resource management solution with our solutions that help them grow,” explains Gupta. The company’s professional services personnel are equipped to help customers reduce implementation risk, time, and cost, while maximizing the return on their software investments.
Saviom has developed a ground breaking ERM system, which helps in businesses plan, schedule resources effortlessly across the enterprise, and juggle them around as per the constantly changing business dynamics. “Our ERM helps the enterprises achieve maximum utilization of the resources, which is the largest investment of a company. It provides enterprise wide visibility of current and future work demand generated from project and non-project activities. Also, it identifies and schedules the right resource for the right job as per the skill, role, interest, and accurately forecasts future resource needs as per supply and demand,” adds Gupta.

Saviom’s clientele includes global leaders from many verticals including Honeywell, Siemens, Continental Tyre, Konica Minolta, Enbridge, and Rabobank. “For instance, PwC, that has thousands of accountants, auditors, and managers, was facing a constant challenge to find out suitable resources that has the capability to handle new projects. By implementing Saviom’s ERM, PwC was able to find the suitable persons for a project with the click of a button and was also able to forecast how many of them are needed when a particular assignment comes in,” states Gupta. Like PwC, Successful deployment of Saviom’s tool has resulted in significant improvements to the profit of many organizations by improving the resource utilization.

The company stands out from the crowd as they are able to identify the best resource from a large resource pool, know where and how the resources are used, correct poor resource management and forecasting, and identify opportunities in areas of interest, as per supply and demand.

For the road ahead, Saviom is planning to release more products and expand their technology in various verticals. “We aim to offer complete end-to-end collaborative, highly configurable management and optimization solution, specifically designed to meet the challenges of individual business environments,” says Gupta. “These ERMs will be imperative for medium to large size businesses to survive in a vigorously competitive market of the future,” he concludes.


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Om Gupta, Director

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