SAVO: Sales Enablement: Changing the B-B Technology Landscape

To compete in a dynamic marketplace, sales organizations need to be equipped with technologies that empower their sellers with the ideal resources that can foster strategic and programmatic sales enablement. By providing sellers with the most relevant content, coaching, processes and tools, irrespective of where they are in a given sales cycle, sales organizations can ensure sales effectiveness and delivery of optimal customer experiences. “One in three companies is now leveraging sales enablement—be it through a program, a practice, or an actual technology,” begins Amanda Wynne, a SAVO representative. “The goal remains the same: increase sales effectiveness.” With a meticulous focus on delivering results, Chicago, IL-based SAVO is committed to assisting clients with achieving their sales goals through immersive learning, guided selling, dynamic playbooks, just-in-time learning, and other resources such as mission-specific content.

“The benefits of sales enablement include driving a substantial increase in revenue results by adopting a much larger, more programmatic and strategic approach based on critical components— content, learning, context—and an initiative model,” emphasizes Wynne. SAVO’s sales enablement technologies seamlessly align a sales organization’s marketing, sales, and operations to give the sellers a substantial advantage in revenue attainment. “So it’s really this elevated approach to helping businesses that makes SAVO stand out.” With a dedicated sales enablement platform at the core of their sales content management and sales enablement technologies, SAVO specializes in elevating sales enablement beyond a companywide content management system to a dedicated, seller content experience. By leveraging intuitive and frequently-used consumer content features, SAVO allows the sellers to effortlessly browse through the recommended content and visually comprehend the context of their selling situation, to proactively drive relevant conversations.

“We have some pretty robust information about how our sellers are using and sharing the content,” explains Wynne. “With that data, we’re able to translate the information into best practices for all of our customers.” In one instance, Citrix Systems, the leading software development and cloud computing firm, chose an enterprise-level SAVO implementation for their network of 6,700 active users and 10,000 plus channel partners.

A lot of the products that we’ll be coming out with, this year will be rooted in predictive learning

A time-motion study conducted by the client revealed that they spent 25 percent of their time, building presentations, while only 15 percent of their time was expended on actual selling. During the first six months of the implementation, Citrix was able to bring down the time spent on building presentations to 18 percent. The SAVO implementation also had a direct impact on the bottom line of the client by allowing them seven percent more time to sell across their network of international representatives and channel partners.

SAVO ensures that each customer has all the tools they need for a smooth onboarding experience, and throughout their contract, with the support of a Customer Success team. Also, the firm has created a coalition of some of their best customer reps—SAVO User Alliance Group (SUAG)—who meet monthly, across multiple regions and countries, to share best practices and their sales experiences.

With over a million sellers who leverage their technology, SAVO is able to collect significant data on content consumption and seller behavior. Wynne reveals the company has further plans to that end. “A lot of the innovation that we’ll be coming out with this year will be rooted in predictive learning and deeper integrations.” The firm’s reserve of robust data about how their sellers use and share the content and how it can be effectively translated into best practices for all of its customers is at the foundation of future work. “Predictive analytics is the wave of the future—being able to anticipate the needs of sellers is something that is definitely in our focus.”


Chicago, IL

Amanda Wynne, SAVO representative

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