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Jeff Ready, Co-Founder and CEO
Data is the lifeline of modern day organizations, providing valuable insights and supporting business processes and operations in real time. Today’s firms generate an ocean of data routinely collected from and shared across sensors, internet of things (IoT) devices, and other deployments. However, traditional computing paradigms built on centralized data silos with bandwidth limitations, latency issues, and unforeseen network disruptions can impair the data consolidation and analytics across a firm’s fragmented implementations. To curb these challenges, solution providers offer edge computing solutions to bring essential processing functions closer to end-users and reduce data latency while delivering faster response times. Scale Computing enables organizations to cope with their ever-evolving data management processes across multiple domains with its edge computing technology solutions and services.

From the smallest edge location to the largest centralized data center, SC//Platform offers the industry’s lowest acquisition and deployment cost, reducing the IT management expense by up to 80 percent

The company started developing its scalable edge computing technology over a decade ago, which resulted in an intelligent system that gets smarter with time. A decade’s worth of research and development is built into the solution. Using patented Scale Computing HyperCore™ technology, the award-winning self-healing platform identifies, reduces, and corrects problems in real-time. SC//HyperCore makes ensuring application uptime easier for IT to manage and for customers to afford.

In the current business landscape where IT systems are riddled with problems caused by fragmented, siloed deployments and their inefficient connectivity to the cloud, Scale Computing’s scalable edge computing technology, HyperCoreTM, detects and corrects the vast majority of these problems autonomously. SC//HyperCore powers Scale Computing’s flagship Platform to support IT teams in discovering and averting data infrastructure problems in real-time.
Additionally, SC//Platform is as intuitive as a smartphone, eliminating the need for specialized training, certification, or onsite IT expertise for its installation and operation. Users can leverage SC//HyperCore clusters in minutes with minimal IT support and monitor computing processes across complex IT infrastructures using the HyperCore UI.

“From the smallest edge location to the largest centralized data center, SC//Platform offers the industry’s lowest edge acquisition and deployment cost, reducing the IT management expense by up to 80 percent,” explains Jeff Ready, co-founder and CEO of Scale Computing.

For example, Delhaize, a grocery retailer with several stores and franchises worldwide, faced IT management issues. The retailer was equipped with a host of IT systems, namely a point of sales system (POS), video surveillance and analytics, as well as scanners for inventory tracking, which gave rise to data latency over time. Delhaize approached Scale Computing to resolve this downtime and aid the retailer in improving productivity across their fragmented footprint.Scale Computing was initially deployed at the stores with the most problems to benchmark their data management and edge computing efficiencies against Delhaize’s better performing retail outlets. Previously, IT personnel would get calls 24x7 from several stores facing issues due to system downtime. After witnessing the cost and time savings delivered through Scale Computing, Delhaize deployed SC//Platform to help maintain their productivity levels and future-proof potential technology expansions. Delhaize has reported zero minutes of downtime across any of their stores since moving to Scale Computing Platform.

Moving ahead with such innovative solutions, Scale Computing is determined to play a critical role in ongoing digitalization and take its clients beyond the cloud with better computing capabilities and improved productivity. Above all, as the business landscape continues to expand digital operations, Scale Computing is poised to support organizations in effectively scaling their technology deployments without disrupting existing business processes.

Scale Computing

Indianapolis, IN

Jeff Ready, Co-Founder and CEO

Scale Computing brings changes to IT management through its solution stack driven by automation and self-healing. The company’s edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions can be implemented in diverse environments.

Scale Computing