ScaleArc: Enhancing Database Performance for Scalability and Security

Justin Barney, President & CEO
CIOs are constantly looking for latest advancements in database management systems that will alter the way of streamlining and analyzing the ever-evolving flow of information. Balancing the database load, ScaleArc’s software has established a mechanism for organizations to improve the transparency between their database and applications. “Our software creates an agile data tier that provides continuous availability and increased performance for all apps,” says Justin Barney, President and CEO, ScaleArc. The solutions offered by the company include database load balancing, continuous availability for applications, scalability and security, enhanced database performance, and visibility for application environments.

ScaleArc software also enables Auto Failover for Structured Query Language (SQL) server. Auto failover is a resource that ensures automatic data switch for the end user in the event of system breakdown. “The amalgamation of SQL server with ScaleArc's software has empowered a strong framework that provides the user with customization options to suit their architecture, availability, and data safety needs,” says Barney. The software eliminates a number of limitations that stand in the way of harnessing a highly resilient SQL server. In addition to this, ScaleArc also generates a sturdy database environment with improved scalability and performance benefits that allows database failover across datacenters, without auxiliary hardware and software resources.

The firm’s database balancing software is built on its patented ‘Ternion’ technology, which is unison of three engines that facilitates application uptime and maximized performance. SQL’s state engine and its dynamic rules work simultaneously to effectively handle queries on behalf of the applications. “Ternion is at the heart of our software's ability to interact seamlessly with such a wide array of SQL databases, enabling resiliency and scalability benefits without any changes to the applications,” states Barney.“We provide software that runs on top of ‘MySQL’ and offer users the ability to run on a distributed data source without having to understand the application.”
ScaleArc was chosen by Lookout—a provider of mobile security for individuals and enterprises to corroborate the availability and performance of its mobile security applications. The firm needed a solution that ensures its suite's availability and database performance. Upon implementing ScaleArc’s solutions, Lookout’s clients now have continuous app availability, better performance and instant scalability for its database including increased application responsiveness. “We initially evaluated ScaleArc’s software for high availability, but we soon discovered we could use ScaleArc to perform maintenance updates without taking our applications offline,” says Matthew Zeier, Director of Operations, Lookout.

Our software creates an agile data tier that provides continuous availability and increased performance for all apps

ScaleArc has positioned itself as ‘future ready’ by effectively offering services like database scalability, cloud migration, automated failover, and SQL server upgrades. In addition to that, the company's zero downtime maintenance features enable a highly reliable way to optimize data traffic flow that occurs due to an increase in the number of servers, consuming more time and additional IT resources. The company's collaboration with Microsoft has paved a success path in catering to several industries like retail, financial services, healthcare and media. As Microsoft’s servers augments to the database needs and scalability as well as load balancing, they hold a unique place in the database domain.

Commenting on the future prospective of the company, “We are planning to invest more into the sales and marketing division of our company,” says Barney. Subsequently, the firm also intends to foresee new ventures through major funding, which will create paths for its global expansion.


Santa Clara, CA

Justin Barney, President & CEO

ScaleArc is the provider of database load balancing software that provides continuous availability for all applications