ScaleBase: Simple Ways Scale Databases in a Virtual Environment

CIO VendorPaul Campaniello, VP of Global Marketing
Databases process unlimited amounts of information. However accessing the relevant data quickly is critical to all business, especially in today’s web scale environment. As users and transactions expand to levels never conceived of, original, monolithic relational databases are struggling to keep up.

Scaling relational databases to handle the infinite transactions resulting from the rise of the cloud, mobile computing and and social/gaming applications has become a difficult challenge. With this challenge in mind, the founders of ScaleBase, a Massachusetts-based software company created a distributed MySQL database specifically optimized for AWS and the cloud.

They developed an intelligent method of scaling out a single database into multiple instances on AWS (or any other public/private cloud). With ScaleBase the app continues to “see” one database, but benefits from the power of multiple databases working together– all with no changes to the code. The solution maintains all relational properties (ACID) and allows you to keep all of your AWS services. It is extremely costly to “scale up” traditional databases to meet the growing capacity issues driven by web scale apps and often required by digital media applications. Plus, these traditional databases are inelastic and were not purpose build for the AWS or the cloud. . “With ScaleBase, you can scale out your database, reduce cost and eliminate all complexities associated with migrating applications on traditional databases to AWS. Plus, in addition to gaining high availability, you get to keep all of AWS’s value-added services,” says Paul Campaniello, the Vice President of Global Marketing at ScaleBase. Founded and managed by experts who all have over 25 years of experience in the database industry, the company’s software is purpose-built to serve the needs of modern, web-scale applications.

The company manages to outshine its competitors by being resilient and proactive to the changing market trends. Their key differentiator is that they offer a policy-based, data distribution process that is customized for each individual application. The software provides online, real-time database rebalancing, via data distribution (automated sharding) as well as intelligent read only load balancing via read/write splitting. Additionally, the software delivers smart automatic fail over and prevention of application errors, protecting against downtime and delays. Both the data distribution software and the read/write splitting software are available on AWS.

ScaleBase helps scale out MySQL databases, reduce costs and eliminate the complexity in moving applications on traditional databases to AWS

With the centralized management console, its customers have full power to manage their policy and make changes as per their needs. Analysis Genie, one of ScaleBase’s unique cloud-based tools helps discover the best way to scale out existing applications to a distributed database and also assess its readiness without needing any additional operating investments or causing service interruptions.

In addition, the tool also facilitates decision making on distribution of data by providing efficiency scores and performance facts. Clients like Xillo, who runs hundreds of video advertisement campaigns and about two million data transactions per day, rely on largely on speed, improved database technology and a user friendly-interface to generate optimal return on investment. Using ScaleBase software Xillo achieved out-of-the box functionality, cheaper cost per transaction and did not need to make any changes in its applications.

“We at Scalebase are always looking for ways to make our products better and scale databases more easily. It is extremely important to understand the environment we work in, implications of external forces on our product decisions and applications, and identify new ways to get the job done. The way our business functions is similar to indulging in extreme adventure sports like rock climbing, scuba diving and skiing, where one needs to agile, responsive and very mindful of a changing environment,” quotes Campaniello.

ScaleBase’s upcoming agenda and road maps specifically concentrate on how distributed database systems will become a part of the future of databases. The company is enroute to make its software faster, lighter and better by allowing users to instantly see value and scale out their new or existing apps on AWS/the cloud, while maintain all the properties of a relation database that they have come to require.


Boston, MA

Paul Campaniello, VP of Global Marketing

A modern database software company developing a distributed MySQL database optimized for AWS/ The Cloud that enables applications to scale out and unlimited numbers of users and transactions.