Scaled Inference: Optimize Key Metrics with AI, Increase Profitability

Olcan Sercinoglu, Founder & CEO
In order to improve website and software application performance, grow revenue and achieve other company goals, businesses have historically relied upon A/B testing or experimentation to improve key business metrics. However, most companies eventually find that their experiments rarely result in significant wins, and any improvements rarely persist or add up to better metrics over time. This is because modern businesses have rapidly changing metrics that continuously invalidate past experiments, and at the same time have to serve increasingly diverse populations and contexts that cannot be meaningfully summarized or optimized as averages. Thus, it turns out that, although sensible on the surface, experimentation is not an effective or scalable solution to the need for better metrics.

Scaled Inference, the first company to pioneer self-optimizing software, addresses this need by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help businesses to intelligently apply their variations and secure contextual wins for each of their key metrics. “We enable clients to optimize the key metrics at every level of the customer lifecycle from marketing and onboarding to sales and lifetime value,” says Olcan Sercinoglu, CEO and Founder, Scaled Inference. Scaled Inference’s AI-driven platform enables its customers to determine user intent and behavior across a variety of platforms including websites, mobile apps, servers and connected devices. is a general purpose, easy-to-deploy metric optimization platform that is intuitive to use, enabling product managers, marketers, and developers to quickly integrate it with a wide variety of business solutions. The platform uses AI to deliver improved results relative to traditional analytics and A/B testing by incorporating real time user context. Amp. ai starts learning within moments after deployment, eliminating the traditional AI requirement to cleanse customer data and build machine learning models. It determines user context throughout the customer journey and personalizes the user experiences of websites, applications, and advertising campaigns. It also optimizes the operations of servers that host content, and data center applications that monitor cost vs. performance metrics. As implements variations found to improve key metrics, the platform determines and automatically deploys personalized policies for faster and better optimization.

We enable clients to optimize their key business metrics at every level of the customer lifecycle from marketing and onboarding to sales and lifetime value

Businesses can rapidly tune their marketing strategies as enables them to understand their interactions with customers and their individual intents in real time. Customers can utilize the variations that they already possess, have apply them effectively to the ideal user context, and with no additional effort. Ultimately, drives improvement in key business metrics and delivers tangible benefits across industries, more rapidly and with greater success than traditional experimentation methods.

With its intuitive solution, Scaled Inference has engaged with leading enterprises across diverse verticals including media, retail, education, and finance, amongst others. For instance, a major e-commerce business portal, Teespring, set a goal to optimize its checkout process and boost conversions and revenue. After deploying, Teespring was able to identify the variations that provided the best metric improvement and deploy them automatically. “It was eye-opening to see a major increase in our checkout rate and revenue within days of an initial implementation, especially after years of extensive A/B testing and optimization using other providers,” remarked Walker Williams, the CEO and Co-founder of Teespring.

“ allows product managers, developers and marketers to achieve better metrics faster while concentrating their efforts on variations and contexts that provide the biggest wins,” concludes Sercinoglu. Scaled Inference looks forward to adding more features to its platform, continuing in its mission to unlock the full potential of AI to enable its customers to build measurably better software products and services.

Scaled Inference

Palo Alto, CA

Olcan Sercinoglu, Founder & CEO

An artificial intelligence software company that optimizes the key business metrics of its customers

Scaled Inference