AI-Powered Sales Acceleration as a Service

Chad Burmeister, Co-Founder and CEO
Sales acceleration requires a synergistic use of data, dialers, email, call coaching, lead scoring, and account-based marketing and selling to produce the expected business outcomes. By tapping into this synergy, bellwether firm has enabled a paradigm shift through its Sales Acceleration-as-a-Service, powered by artificial intelligence, at a lower cost per sales activity. Being a harbinger of AI-powered sales acceleration, allows business development representatives (BDRs) to reach out to their ideal customer profiles (ICPs) at a fraction of the cost for each sales activity when compared to other platforms. “Instead of $8 to $10 that companies spend today on each sales activity, reduces it to as low as $1.25,” remarks Chad Burmeister, co-founder and CEO,

The outbound sales activities in the platform are approached through phone conversations, personalized email, and social media connections. For phone, uses one-click conversation technology that allows BDRs to push a button and talk to a prospect on their list in just a few minutes. Further, with one-click personalization, a BDR can personalize between 100-150 emails per day in less than 10 minutes, as opposed to 10-15 emails per day without this technology. ScaleX also enables BDRs to and connect with prospects on LinkedIn at scale. “Normally a BDR may send 10-20 social connection requests to prospects a day, but with ScaleX, each BDR can send up to 100 in a day,” says Burmeister.

Clients using the Sales Acceleration-as-a-Service receive 30,000 sales activities in three months comprising 15,000 phone dials, 10,000 personalized emails, and 5,000 social media connections, thereby “collapsing” BDRs’ timelines to deliver 50 to 100 client meetings from three years to three months. The platform allows BDRs to perform 120,000 sales activities per year as opposed to 10,000 to 12,000, which positively impacts their ability to deliver sales pipeline and ultimately bookings and revenue. Consequently, companies can achieve 10 times more productivity at a lower cost from smaller sales and business development teams.

Instead of $8 to $10 that companies spend today on each sales activity, reduces it to as low as $1.25

To deploy a solution, goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach and leverages its experience to tailor state-of-the-art solutions based on clients’ preferred mode of customer engagement such as phone or email. Burmeister says that if the process necessitates solutions outside’s core technology stack, then the company engages third-party consultants and technologies to address customers’ business requirements.

The wide range of benefits associated with has had numerous technology companies, including publicly traded organizations, utilizing its platform to accelerate their sales processes. Instana, a startup offering application performance monitoring solutions, had a sales team of 11 people attending an average of 40 client meetings per month. However, attending to the outbound tasks associated with the sales processes proved challenging, resulting in slow lead conversion. Having turned to, Instana used the platform for a 90-day period on a pilot basis. In the very first month of going live with the platform, a single BDR of Instana booked 44 meetings, which was more than what the entire team of 11 did earlier.

In the next 12 to 18 months, intends to help clients effectively increase their sales and achieve their annual bookings and revenue targets. On the product side, the company seeks to build features that accelerate the tasks of BDRs. “We envision a complete solution where BDRs can log in to a portal to know their tasks for the day and deliver outcomes 10 times more effectively than they do currently,” concludes Burmeister.


Littleton, CO

Chad Burmeister, Co-Founder and CEO

Accelerates sales processes to help companies deliver high productivity at low costs