Scalyr: Revolutionizing Log Management and Server Monitoring

Steve Newman, Founder & CEO
Steve Newman belongs to a rarefied cohort of successful entrepreneurs who bring to bear their extensive experience earned at Google to launch their venture. A Xoogler and founder of Writely, which became Google Docs, Newman gathered an experienced team to lay the cornerstone of Scalyr, assisting engineers in understanding their operational systems while keeping up with cloud-based deployments such as AWS. As large-scale, cloud-based deployments are paving the way for more complex and sophisticated applications, it gets more challenging for organizations to monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain them. “That’s exactly the problem we are solving. Scalyr is a fast and flexible centralized log management and server monitoring platform that allows clients to keep up with the growing collection of services used to power modern applications,” says Newman, CEO, Scalyr.

Newman was quick to discern that when it comes to searching, analyzing, and monitoring server logs and other operational data, speed is the name of the game. To begin with, Scalyr allows organizations to collect, import and upload logs and system metrics from Amazon RDS, Amazon CloudTrail, Heroku, Amazon CloudWatch and more, and define monitors to probe servers directly. As several server logs and metrics are brought onto a single platform, it enables searches across all the servers at lightning speed. The core idea is to gather operational data seamlessly providing the customers quick and easy access to it. Distinct from other solutions in the space that uses traditional text indexing technology, which is inefficient for machine-generated application data, Scalyr deploys its own search implementation method, which consumes less time with more accurate results. The speed of the solution is the biggest differentiator of the platform.

Being a hosted log management solution provider, Scalyr enables seamless setup on any server. Besides consolidating data from the customers’ cloud-based systems or servers, Scalyr provides a set of highly compatible tools to analyze that data. The platform proactively notifies customers of issues and also drills down to the root cause in real-time.

Scalyr is a fast and flexible centralized log management and server monitoring platform that allows clients to keep up with solutions and services created from AWS

The platform allows customers to define custom parsers for extracting rich data from any log, which in turn assists in creating simple, clear, and interactive reports.

“We ensure we engage with our customers to receive direct feedback about our products every day,” says Newman, while talking about the solution’s customer-centric approach. Recalling an interesting event, Newman shared how their solution had helped CareerBuilder, a global end-to-end human capital solutions company that moved to cloud a couple of years back. After thorough search for a log management tool, the client implemented Scalyr in their organization which provided high-speed services and performance with the ability to scale without needing to manage the infrastructure. Currently, being entirely cloud-based, CareerBuilder can manage large volumes of data in real-time without worrying about creating additional infrastructure. The organization can resolve customer issues five times faster using Scalyr in comparison to other leading log management tools.

Forging ahead, Scalyr looks forward to doubling the performance of the platform. As a long-term plan, the firm endeavors to expand from log management to a single platform wherein multiple operational queries regarding log management, metrics, APM, network management tools, security tools and so on are consolidated under a single umbrella. “We look forward to providing a truly unified solution where clients can have a single solution, query language, learning system and dashboard tool that works across all their operational data and gives them the complete picture in one place,” concludes Newman.


San Mateo, CA

Steve Newman, Founder & CEO

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