SCApath: Optimizing Multi Channel Supply Chains to Deliver the Omni Channel Experience

Evan McCaig, President and Managing Principal
A global multi channel company, with an expanding eCommerce wing, was facing challenges with scalability and brand experience across purchase, fulfillment, services, and returns. The challenge was compounded by continued geographic and traffic growth in traditional channels. The idea was to improve the overall customer experience, while being more efficient with inventory, increasing capacity for growth, and reducing the transactional costs of distribution.

The business required these changes be made quickly within tight seasonal windows. With its vast experience in designing and implementing supply chain management solutions, SCA took up this challenging task. In roughly six months, SCA experts designed and implemented a new eCommerce supply chain solution to handle growing demand from their digital channel as well as provide a foundation for omnichannel capabilities. As a result, significantly higher volumes were achieved with a lower cost structure providing measurable financial benefit during the traditional retail peak. Thrilled by the customer’s success, Evan McCaig, President of SCA, says, “Our accomplishment comes from our deep multi-channel supply chain expertise combined with a business value driven approach that balances growth and service level with operating efficiency, working capital, and longterm investment.”

SCA delivers a complete supply chain solution including OMS, WMS, and TMS implementation for wholesale, retail, and eCommerce channels. Their consulting services include strategic planning, operations improvement, and systems design and implementation.

Omni-channel represents a sea change, a chance for consumer companies to re-invent themselves and unlock financial gains previously unreachable. The growth in digital commerce has put enormous pressure on order, distribution/warehouse, and transportation systems to deliver when and where the customer dictates. SCA combines its long history in retail and eCommerce distribution optimization with order orchestration and store fulfillment to provide a comprehensive omni-channel solution for customers.
SCA analyses the problem from both operations and SCA’s deep expertise in leading supply chain technology including Manhattan Associates, IBM, and High Jump provides the right mix of system capabilities to support the omni-channel supply chain. “Our clients select us because they are looking for a total solution that delivers business value and not simply new technology,” notes McCaig.

The growth in digital commerce has put enormous pressure on order, distribution/ warehouse, and transportation systems to deliver when and where the customer dictates

SCA has been successful in serving mid-market and Fortune 500 companies, and has been trusted by Top 100 Global technology Retailers. Unlike their counterparts, perspective to meet the Omni channel strategy requirements. “It is important to understand the equation from supply chain operations side. We are just not back-end infrastructure technology consultants; we design and implement processes that play out in a physical complex network. For example, supply chains just cannot respond slowly. They can't be out of stock or late with a delivery. They need to get the right products to the right people at the right time—or someone else will,” explains McCaig. SCA helps to assess the supply chain Omni-channel fulfillment capability, detail priorities, and establish a timeline for building solutions based on business value, operations, and IT assets. The company specializes in retail sector, not just hard and soft goods but also in grocery and high-tech.

McCaig and his team envision continuing its path forward with a focus on process and technology changes required to deliver growing ‘omni’ customer expectations. “We recognize that achieving measurable business results require not only mastery of functional best practices and information system capabilities, but also changing structural forces in relationship to company strategic goals,” adds McCaig.


Boulder, CO

Evan McCaig, President and Managing Principal

Delivering solutions to consumer-driven companies for a robust Omni-channel strategy.