Scenario Learning: Safer Schools and Workplaces with SaaS-based Solutions

Brian Taylor, CEO & Co-Founder
As the education sector is moving towards an even more intelligent and collaborative learning process, schools and universities face many challenges. Modern day institutions are required to deal with safety and security issues, which continue to move up the priority list. “While schools and colleges have often articulated safety as a top priority, many have struggled to find and implement systematic approaches because they take substantial time and resources,” says Brian Taylor, CEO and Cofounder of Scenario Learning. However, failing to implement an effective strategy to ensure compliance can create significant risks and costs for educational institutions. In an attempt to help administrators negate these challenges, Scenario Learning offers easy-to-implement automated safety and compliance solutions, including its SafeSchools and SafeColleges programs. “Our market-leading solutions offer administrators realtime analytics to help them truly manage safety and compliance initiatives at an optimized cost,” he adds.

Scenario Learning’s product portfolio includes webbased solutions for staff and student training, incident/accident reporting, SDS management and special education-related professional development for the education and business markets. Scenario Learning’s core brands, SafeSchools, SafeColleges and SafePersonnel, include online safety training systems for schools, colleges and municipalities. “We automate training compliance and policy acceptance as part of a full safety and compliance suite,” says Taylor.The SafeSchools Staff Training System helps to simplify staff training and policy acceptance administration by automating many of the labor intensive processes it takes to administer and track training. The program also includes a new custom course creator tool that allows administrators to create district-specific courses in the system. Further, the company’s SafeColleges Suite of higher education solutions includes staff and student training and safety incident reporting and tracking. “Recently, we launched a new brand called Exceptional Child, an online professional development system for all teachers and staff working with children with disabilities. What makes the system so unique is that we collaborated with special education thought leaders and experts across the nation to help us create our web-based training,” says Taylor.

Our solutions offer administrators real-time analytics to help them effectively manage safety and compliance initiatives at an optimized cost

“The system provides a variety of rich media courses on Autism, Bullying, Emotional Behavior Disorders, Special Education Law, Restraint and Seclusion, Transition Services and other important topics. Special education is one of the biggest loss drivers for many of our customers, and they asked for our help in this area. Our new program makes special education-related training easier and more accessible for them.”

The company has a 99 percent renewal rate and is continually innovating and customizing its content and software to meet customers’ evolving needs. “We ensure that our clients implement our software solutions successfully,” says Taylor. For instance, a customer was facing issues with workers’ compensation as their employees were getting injured often and costs were skyrocketing. Taking the situation in hand, Scenario Learning helped them implement its SafeSchools Staff Training System. Using the program, the customer’s losses decreased, saving about $800,000 per year. In a similar fashion, many of Scenario Learning’s insurance partners have enjoyed dramatic reductions in the severity of insurance claims for districts and colleges.

“At Scenario Learning, the definition of successful scaling is ‘getting better as we get bigger’, and we will continue to adhere to this motto,” says Taylor. “We’re continuously trying to discover the day-to-day challenges that our customers face so that we can use our strengths in content and software to help create effective solutions that solve problems.” Moving forward, Scenario Learning is planning to expand globally. First, into Canada and South Africa and is optimistic on its continued domestic growth as well.

Scenario Learning

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Brian Taylor, CEO & Co-Founder and Greg Estep, COO & Co-Founder

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