Scheer E2E AG: Model-Based Process Integration Platform

Stephan Prinzkosky, MD
A rapid increase in the number of technical parts, tools and people involved in the IT systems are often leaving the decision makers in a muddled state. This is also putting a brake on the cooperation and innovative power of employees. CIOs are in constant search of the best-of-the-breed solutions for process integration to improve operational efficiencies in their businesses. With a vision to deliver fast and efficient solution for system integration, Scheer E2E AG, a firm headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, is identifying the recurrent integration patterns and transforming it into a cohesive group of special-purpose software solutions. “We provide fully model-based platforms for business oriented process integration and automation,” begins Stephan Prinzkosky, MD, Scheer E2E AG.

Scheer supports companies with the development of new business models, the optimization and implementation of more effective business processes as well as the reliable operation of their IT systems.

The firm’s integration platform, E2E BRIDGE, works with understandable models instead of complex codes and creates a common language for IT and specialist departments. “Unlike many of our competitors, we are using a model based approach to analyze errors in the systems, avoid downtime and speed up the customers’ business by direct model execution,” explains Prinzkosky. He further continues, “As each service runs as an independent process at an operating system, the memory footprint is much lower than it is at most other system integration platforms.” This helps to reduce the complications in organizations and establish a high level of transparency, agility and speed so that the business leaders can manage their projects well.

Observing the increasing challenge of e-commerce vendors to network their various processes, information, applications, and systems to provide customers with an integrated buying experience, Scheer has developed the E2E Commerce platform. This system integration platform focuses on the special needs in the e-commerce field and equips clients with the optimal utilization of their existing IT components. The platform provides a 360-degree view of the customers’ ecommerce landscape.

We provide fully model-based platforms for business oriented process integration and automation

The parent company of Scheer E2E AG, Scheer GmbH also provides Scheer Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) solution, a digital platform which enables multiple departments in the sector to design business processes, create custom business applications without prior knowledge and to realize direct benefits like high innovation, speed, and agility for customers, partners, suppliers and new businesses. Besides, Scheer BPaaS offers process based solutions like automated documentation, reporting and process analytics to secure the compliance and governance requirements of clients.

In one instance, Scheer E2E AG assisted Nikon Europe with their E2E BRIDGE solution, which enabled them to reduce more than 40 percent of their integration cost. The client wanted a solution to improve the buying experience of their customers and dealers. Alongside, they wanted to rewire their sales processes in a way that it would allow them an integrated view of their customer and product information. E2E BRIDGE’s purely model-based approach offered the Direct Sales Division at Nikon Europe, the possibility to lead and control the implementation of complex tasks in the domains of data integration, transformation and normalization around the new sales processes. This led to less misunderstanding and drastic project acceleration compared to the traditional approaches of Nikon.

Forging ahead, Scheer is planning to continue their global growth and enhance their process integration solutions. “Our mission is to help our clients to get ready for the digital future,” concludes Prinzkosky.

Scheer E2E AG

Basel, Switzerland

Stephan Prinzkosky, MD

Scheer E2E Bridge integration platform, allows companies to operate their heterogeneous IT landscape in a very cost effective and highly flexible manner. It provides numerous pre-fabricated integration solutions for organizations of all sizes

Scheer E2E AG