School-Pass: Manage and Secure K-12 Student Logistics

Mark Ruiters, Founder & CEO
K12 administrators are entrusted with the safe and efficient management of arrival, dismissal, and whereabouts of students during school hours. However, manually managing and communicating daily arrival/dismissal changes is typically a cumbersome process that wastes time and money and puts schools at risk. Fortunately, school administrative and operational leadership can do better. Schools can operationalize a clean process where students are efficiently directed in dismissal, where parents can make changes that automatically are communicated to staff and teachers, and where schools can recoup lost revenue from inefficient afterschool and bus transportation tracking. School-Pass’ engagement with schools enhances student safety, efficiently facilitates dismissal and more accurately tracks revenue associated with afterschool attendance and bus ridership.

School-Pass is a cloud-based student safety and communications platform helping K-12 schools across the country manage student arrival and dismissal instructions while automating and securing afternoon dismissal operations. The platform brings administrators and parents together (through a mobile app) together to manage student safety, helping them instantly know where students are scheduled to be on campus and where they are going at the end of the day. School-Pass encourages schools to keep students inside the classroom and spend more time with teachers, leading to a controlled environment, making the pickup process of children easier and safer.

The platform allows parents to manage their authorized driver list and pickup schedules for their children in real-time. With a single click, they get all the information about whether the student is in class, on the bus or in an after-school activity. The parents are notified upon bus departure; hence, the safety of students is ensured and parents can manage their afternoon schedules with bus or multi-driver carpools.

On the administration level, School-Pass saves a tremendous amount of manual work that most schools do today in tracking student arrival and dismissal changes. School-Pass provides web-based dashboards that enable administrators to be notified of changes made for individual students along with the recorded absences, late arrivals or dismissal moves.

With the overall dismissal process synchronized, 40 minutes of chaos was successfully turned into a safe and efficient 20 minute process that parents raved about

School-Pass also facilitates daily real-time bus capacity planning and boarding through printed bus manifests and electronic checklists for student check-in and check-off at stops. Also, School-Pass improves afterschool activity planning through real-time attendance tracking. Finally, School-Pass can help secure a campus through RFID/Toll Tags and license plate recognition that enables schools to automatically identify vehicles and screen drivers to announce the arrival of parents in the building during dismissal or alerts administrators of any unwanted license plates on campus.

School-Pass works with public, private and charter schools across the country to implement best practices in K-12 Student Logistics which save time and money and improve parent engagement. A prime example is Grace Christian School in Ohio where the school had to bring every student to the parking lot for the dismissal process and keep them there for 40 minutes. After implementing School-Pass, students stayed inside the classroom until their parents or bus arrived.With the overall dismissal process synchronized, 40 minutes of chaos was successfully turned into a safe and efficient 20 minute process that parents raved about.

School-Pass has been successfully delivering best practices and an easy to use software platform for years. "Our customers love our product, and for the 6th consecutive year, we achieved a 97 percent renewal rate, and doubled our schools from last year," concludes Mark Ruiters, founder and CEO.


Gaithersburg, MD

Mark Ruiters, Founder & CEO

Manage and secure student arrival, attendance, and dismissal operations