SchoolDude: SaaS Solutions that ease Administration

In the late 20th century, the education and technology veteran Kent Hudson started a new journey in his career. It was the early days of cloud when Hudson, through his newly founded company SchoolDude, introduced a revolutionary path for schools to optimize their productivity. Today, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions developed by SchoolDude are the rising tides in the K-12 industry, offering visibility and control into their operational performance. “Since the inception of SchoolDude, we have grown substantially as a provider of cross-industry suite of solutions that transform the operations of the places people live, learn, work and play,” asserts Hudson, CEO and Co-founder, SchoolDude. The Cary, NC based firm provides web-native operations management solutions developed specifically for the unique needs of educational institutions. The firm’s products control work order process, simplify facility usage scheduling, schedule preventive maintenance, and track technology assets.

SchoolDude delivers an innovative approach to Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) in educational institutions with its ITAMDirect—a web-native system designed to gather and report information related to networked hardware and software assets. As one of the early IT asset management solutions for the education sector, ITAMDirect supports all the aspects of IT asset administration management for educational technology departments that ranges from planning and monitoring to reporting the lifecycle costing. This system is ideal for an educational environment as it manages all computer assets across multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, Novell and more.

ITAMDirect also delivers additional value by providing intricate configuration information and asset histories for incident resolution. In tandem, it streamlines IT management processes, reduces administrative duties, and maintains precise records and accountability for IT assets. “Obtaining an accurate database of all PC hardware and software assets, we provide educational organizations with a critical foundation for long-term technology planning and audit compliance,” notes Hudson. It helps educational institutions to gather and manage information at a price that is 80 percent lower than other commercial solutions.

The firm’s mobile safety platform, CrisisManager, helps in mobilizing a school’s emergency plans and safety procedures for staff, faculty, and students on their mobile devices 24/7. Students can access the campus safety plans on Apple and Android devices with or without a Wi-Fi connection and is entirely customizable based on the organization’s requirements such as severe weather conditions, school delays or holidays, violence or strikes.

We provide educational organizations with a critical foundation for long-term technology planning and audit compliance

In addition, CrisisManager provides alerts and incident reporting, including photos and GPS locations for real-time communications.

SchoolDude’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), makes it simple for schools to compare their results against schools across the nation and measure progress, all in one effective dashboard. As a testimony, SchoolDude assisted School District of Clayton to efficaciously manage their Facilities Department to streamline processes and communicate workload. The district faced difficulties in facility and trip scheduling for the 3,300 plus events the district hosts per year and keeping track of all events. By implementing SchoolDude for facility scheduling, the district now has complete transparency into all the events taking place. Whether it is event or trip requests from faculty or community groups, SchoolDude automatically routes the requests for approval and invoicing, hastening the entire process.

As SchoolDude’s offerings continues to gain worldwide acceptance, the firm’s vice-like focus lies in consistently delivering more options to the education sector. With a dynamic office atmosphere, the firm has expanded post-haste in a short span and aims to be a behemoth down the line.


Cary, NC

Kent Hudson, CEO & Co-founder

Offers web-native operations management solutions specifically for the unique needs of educational institutions