ScienceSoft: Full-fledged and Customized Software Development

Nikolay Kurayev, CEO
Enterprise web applications have now become an integral part of every organization, in today’s cybernetic world, irrespective of the company’s size or area of operation. McKinney, TX-based ScienceSoft delivers web application development solutions that facilitates developers with building a product right from scratch and also helps them with enhancement of front-end functionalities. The company offers custom software development assistance for enterprises, through outsourcing and ready-to-use IT systems and applications. In terms of technology competencies, ScienceSoft is focused on the areas of Microsoft, mobility, Java and other open source web technologies.

As a modern and dynamic software services company, ScienceSoft creates web applications by keeping pace with the innovations in front-end development to meet the rising user demands for interactivity and ease of use. The firm offers ERP, CRM, PLM, inventory and purchasing management, and order processing solutions for enterprise systems to automate their staff’s daily activities. By boosting its customer’s collaboration through productive applications, ScienceSoft makes it easy for the management to focus on their more advanced business issues. To that end, ScienceSoft offers its clients a well-laid strategy surrounded by flexible customizing options, when it comes to deploying applications that enhance operational profitability.

In the recent past, an American company, that helps healthcare centers to process their patient data and other treatment related reports—was in the hunt for a solution that consolidated all their information from various databases into a single place. They commissioned ScienceSoft, to rewrite their software, a Java application that was used by the healthcare centers for efficient management and reporting of data on clinical services, marketing activities, patient data, and other inventories. They were also looking for an application that would enable the users of the project with access to quality population health analytics through prompt reports. ScienceSoft built an analytical Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse to ensure scalability, shorter query response time, while retrieving data from the relational repository.

In terms of technology competencies, ScienceSoft is focused on the areas of Microsoft, mobility, Java and other open source web technologies

With ScienceSoft, the healthcare center’s administrative employees had improved their management processes and also received analytics reports promptly.

In addition to healthcare, ScienceSoft also builds platforms for a wide variety of industries such as oil and gas, retail, banking, and telecom to enhance their external collaboration with partners, customers, and vendors. This built-in platform facilitates efficient e-communication for enhanced user engagement and deep-rooted customer relations, using advanced competencies, rich functionality and responsive UIs.

Furthermore, ScienceSoft ensures an effectual integration of the mobile application with the client’s existing software, including core business solutions such as CRM, ERP, and ECM. This additional feature will not only speed-up the integration process of the mobile app, but also makes it easier for the creation and collaboration of future mobile apps for the company.

ScienceSoft has its ear to the ground listening earnestly to emerging trends and technologies that will allow organizations to nestle in the spectacle of automated web application development paradigms, giving the users an ability to make decisions with real-time data. Through such ambitious steps, the company is also gearing to expand its footprint across the globe to better support its customer base and double their workforce and expand into larger business accommodation. This pragmatic approach would be to look beyond the stardust of reigning technologies to stimulate a dynamic teamwork and to ensure effective multi-level collaboration.


McKinney, TX

Nikolay Kurayev, CEO

Creates web applications by keeping in pace with the innovations in front-end development