Scientel Information Technology: Scientific Intelligence to Combat Big Data Complexities

Norman Kutemperor, CEO
Many reports and surveys confirm that the modern financial analytics market—among others—is driving on a high note with enhanced technologies in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. High data intensity and increased focus on data transparency are forcing companies to consider analytics as a serious affair, for which they restlessly look out for experts in Data Base Management Systems. Filling this space with a suite of valuable offerings is Scientel Information Technology, a specialist company in advanced DBMS design and applications/systems integration for Big Data, headquartered in Bingham Farms, MI.

Spearheaded by Norman Kutemperor, CEO, Scientel has been in the systems design/development business since 1977 providing NoSQL DB based solutions and support for companies based in the U.S. & Canada. They have also applied advanced IT and Internet/Intranet concepts to core business operations, such as Supply Chain environments, helping companies achieve their business goals at a faster pace. The company derives its name from two words—Scientific Intelligence. “It is where Science and Intelligence converge to create synergy or in other words, it is a basic focus on logical approaches to problem-solving for various IT requirements, using the principles embodied in the Scientific Method effectively,” says Kutemperor.

Due to distinctly different methods of data models in handling structured versus unstructured data, Gensonix NoSQL DB is the single solution for both with ACID compliancy and does not need two different databases

As of today, organizations are collecting more data than ever before but are not equipped to process all of this data effectively as a result of which companies are losing out on millions in revenue.
Next generation analytics is in Big Data sets and Scientel is one of the few companies that offers integrated performance hardware incorporating high speed interconnects that deliver unparalleled performance and solutions to all Big Data loads. The company’s flagship offering, ‘Gensonix’, is an ideal platform for processing as well as storing all Big Data loads. While Gensonix can provide ETL services to other SQL platforms where results are delivered in a five step process, Gensonix alone can deliver the best total results in just two steps all by itself without any other integration.One of Scientel’s newest products is the Scientel ECMS; an Enterprise Content Management and Search solution developed in the Gensonix NoSQL DB which provides unmatched accuracy and performance in its solutions.

Scientel’s Gensonix DB is an All-In-One SQL. Gensonix based solutions can take the place of SQL, NoSQL and Storage systems and can process large data sets in real-time. Its massive core based parallel solutions deliver performance in range with in-memory systems. Thus performance of Gensonix on Scientel LDWA hardware matches the performance of in-memory systems and with higher reliability. “While other large systems utilize a storage/ETL model for processing large data sets in batches, Gensonix can process single large data sets in real time. In addition to several orders of magnitude in performance, we deliver total end results in minutes rather than days,” adds Kutemperor.

One of Scientel’s customers faced processing and database reliability and inefficiencies in their supply chain operation. They were determined to change vendors as the existing system was judged unreliable. However the proprietary nature of the system locked out outside vendors from being able to convert the database. Scientel competed with major industry and solution giants and utilized unstructured data analysis to unlock the proprietary database to recover customers, transactions and inventory databases and was able to port the customer over to a NoSQL DB based solution.

In the coming days, Scientel plans to obtain funding for global marketing and to vastly grow the customer base on a national as well as international basis with development and support centers in every major hub. “We envision smaller, high efficiency, ultrafast data centers to replace large inefficient mega systems of today,” concludes Kutemperor.

Scientel Information Technology

Bingham Farms, MI

Norman Kutemperor, CEO

A specialist company in advanced DBMS design and applications/systems integration for Big Data.