ScientiaMobile: Powering the CDN Market with Device Intelligence and Image Optimization

Steve Kamerman, COO & Co-founder
The CDN (Content Delivery Network) market is going through a dramatic transformation in today’s digital era. Companies are constantly looking to provide fast and engaging web experiences to their customers through dynamic content and performance optimizations. “Traditionally, CDNs have made huge capital investments in large networks to reduce latency and improve performance. However, with recent technological advances, the challenges of latency and performance are rapidly declining and competition is increasing. Many companies are capable of leveraging cloud services to assemble CDN-like service and avoid paying for a traditional CDN entirely. To differentiate themselves, CDNs are adding value-added services like solutions based on mobile device intelligence and image optimization,” says Steve Kamerman, Co-Founder and COO, ScientiaMobile.

Embracing the changing CDN landscape, ScientiaMobile simultaneously offers device intelligence solutions to CDNs and its own image optimization CDN. ImageEngine, ScientiaMobile’s flagship CDN addresses the primary problem of delivering properly-sized images to a growing mobile audience. This image optimization instantly reduces image payload and significantly improves page-load speed, all while leveraging the latest technology like HTTP/2, Client Hints, and Resource Hints. This is extremely important to E-commerce websites who rely on fast-loading online storefronts as customers abandon quickly when webpages don’t load quickly, translating into a real return on investment for clients.

ScientiaMobile is growing quickly in the Device Intelligence and Mobile Optimization market. The company’s WURFL device intelligence products drive mobile optimization, advertising, and device analytics for customers. “ScientiaMobile’s WURFL device intelligence solutions work by probing incoming HTTP requests and matching them to more than 50,000 device profiles in our database. Businesses use this real-time device information (e.g. model, OS, price, screen size, browser) to dynamically optimize their offerings, web experiences, and reduce image payload,” says Kamerman. In short, “Our products underlie virtually every market, from CDNs for content optimization, to analytics, to advertising and general device intelligence for web optimization.”

Image optimization simultaneously reduces image payload and significantly improves page-load speed, all while leveraging the latest technology like HTTP/2, Client Hints and Resource Hints

ScientiaMobile, as a whole, improves the CDN space by integrating their device intelligence solutions across multiple platforms. For instance, Verizon EdgeCast, the CDN provider, approached ScientiaMobile because they provided a service to Verizon’s downstream clients. “We integrated our high-performance, on-premise solution called WURFL InFuze directly into Verizon’s CDN edge servers. This optimizes the Verizon’s customers’ mobile experience while reducing traffic and latency. Verizon’s customers can access this solution via Verizon’s HTTP Rules Engine interface and create their own caching rules which leverage this device intelligence,” claims Kamerman. With this in place, Verizon’s customers can quickly customize their user experience, optimize the content being served, add intelligence to applications, and enhance performance for every type of device—all without waiting for a distant originating server.

ScientiaMobile has invested substantial resources into their engineering to enhance accuracy and expand into new areas. “We are always working on new product offerings. As we address the needs of various industry verticals, we may well intersect with the CDN space. We’ve been doing mobile optimization since 2001 and are growing at a great pace. We are committed to applying our experience and industry leadership to improving the CDN space. Our goal is to help combat the commoditization that is occurring among CDNs,” concludes Kamerman.


Reston, VA

Steve Kamerman, COO & Co-founder

Provides both Premise-based and Cloud-based device intelligence solutions to provide mobile optimization, ad targeting intelligence, analytics, and image optimization