Scientific Games Jack of All Tables: Keeping Gamers Entertained and Engaged

Gavin Isaacs, President & CEO The thrills of Las Vegas and Atlantic City have now come to the doorstep of all those who dreamed of trying their hands at the baccarat table or the blackjack, but were too busy to fly to the epic cities of gambling. The online gambling scene is expanding at a rapid pace owing to its various advantages; online casinos come with much less expenses, and therefore are currently producing a larger return than brick and mortar casinos. Furthermore, gamers can enjoy playing without having to leave their comfort zone. The conveniences allow players to chose and register for a particular game if they end up liking it, while attempting to win money.

Today, several of the most powerful casinos no longer wish to ban internet gambling, as they see the very many benefits of digitalization—starting their own web sites, wagering in homes, offices or anywhere a computer is wired into cyberspace. “From small beginnings, online gaming has become a business worth billions of dollars every year,” says Gavin Isaacs, President and CEO of Scientific Games, [NASDAQ:SGMS]. “There are hundreds of gaming sites providing all kinds of different products and services to customers all over the world, and anyone with an internet connection can easily play online slots, casino games, place wagers on sporting events, play poker, and much more.” The Las Vegas-based Scientific Games is one of such leading innovators in the global lottery and regulated gaming industries that has marked its position in gaming, technology, programs, marketing research, and security.

The Gaming Genius

Some of the top-performing lotteries and gaming organizations partner with Scientific Games for game content, technology, customized programs, and managed services. These services are a key factor to engage today’s players in new and exciting ways, providing solutions for both traditional and interactive channels—ultimately, increasing revenue. “After revolutionizing lottery sales and marketing around the globe, we continue to innovate with patented gaming technology and research-driven programs delivered to customers with the highest level of security, integrity, and ethical standards,” adds Isaacs. The company is committed to provide gaming principles and has received international certifications for environmental sustainability.

According to Isaacs, the growth of online gambling—particularly casino gaming has been heavily driven by the appetite for in home entertainment as the ability of technology provides innovative ways to enjoy the gaming experience. Recent advances have uniformly been about adding realism to the computer-generated experience like live dealers, 3D imagery, and a replication of the private tables available in land-based venues.“With the popularity of the slots online games, the software developers have started stream marketing the game content custom made for the various slots according to the needs of the market and players,” asserts Isaacs.The CEO serves on the Board of Directors of the American Gaming Association and KNPR Nevada Public Radio.

We continue to innovate with patented gaming technology and research-driven programs delivered to customers with the highest level of security, integrity and ethical standards

He previously served as the President of the International Association of Gaming Advisors.

Diverse Portfolio of Gaming Products

Scientific Games is offering diverse products and technology that are customized to meet the unique requirements of any lottery or gaming jurisdiction. Their services include instant, interactive and draw games, instant game product management, lottery systems, video gaming systems, gaming terminals and its unique content, lottery and gaming operations management, and social gaming to name a few. Scientific Games serves customers from advanced-technology manufacturing and operational facilities in U.S., South America, Europe, and Asia, with additional facilities located throughout the U.S. and around the world based on customer requirements.

The company is committed to developing a diverse portfolio of gaming products and engaging entertainment experiences. Its product line includes advanced technologies that set industry trends and align with rapidly changing player preferences. As the gaming landscape changes with new and exciting technological breakthroughs, Scientific Games responds by developing innovative products that meet customer needs and keep players in the game. Whether through player-favorite and high-performing Williams Manufacturing Company (WMS), Bally or Shuffle Master Brands, Scientific Games delivers exciting content, game-changing platforms, and systems that cater specifically to the preferences of global customers.

The company has collaborated with leading brands for the casino industry worldwide specializing in the game content and electronic gaming machines. WMS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Scientific Games manufactures slot machines, video lottery terminals, and software to help casinos manage their gaming operations. They combine groundbreaking technologies with engaging game content and executions to create products that transform the player entertainment experience and boost the casino operator’s return on investment. Meanwhile, Scientific Games also partners with Ballya diversified gaming brand that includes electronic gaming machines, innovative and entertaining game content, interactive products and computerized monitoring, accounting, and player-tracking systems for the global gaming experience. Shuffle Master is also working hand in hand with the company to offer casino customers improved profitability, productivity, and security, as well as popular cutting-edge gaming entertainment content.

Scientific Games technologies also power lotteries and their players around the globe–from instant game inventory management to retail point-of-sale, lottery gaming systems, mobile apps and internet platforms.
Player-favorite Content through Digital Gaming Channels

Scientific Games has emerged as an industry pacesetter, setting new standards for gaming entertainment. “We are a leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of premium gaming content and gaming machines for the casino industry worldwide,” explains Isaacs. “We bring years of unique industry knowledge and extensive, proven market research methods to every product development cycle, striving to ensure that our games are the ones that players want to play.” In the global iGaming, iLottery, and social gaming industry segments, Scientific Games has spent more than a decade developing innovative distribution platforms to deliver their compelling, player-favorite content through both current and emerging digital gaming channels. From top social casino platforms and industry-leading players clubs and rewards programs to interactive lottery games and engaging casino-style games, the company’s interactive solutions are built to provide the most exciting digital gaming experiences. “We’ve learned that emerging digital channels can create new audiences for our proven content library, offer enhanced player engagement, and extend the reach of our customers’ brands,” he adds.

”We’ve learned that emerging digital channels can create new audiences for our proven content library, offer enhanced player engagement, and extend the reach of our customers’ brands”

The company is creating some of the world’s most compelling gaming experiences, keeping players entertained, connected, and engaged. As one of the global leaders in the gaming industry, their mission is to offer customers complete and customized gaming solutions. Scientific Games’ systems, content, services, gaming machines, and interactive products are designed to reach players wherever they are, whenever they want to play, and in any channel they choose retail, casino, or digital.

Delivering Compelling Entertainment and Gaming Experiences

“Accomplishment is a reflection of talent, and Scientific Games’ history of success has been driven by our highly experienced professionals,” elucidates Isaacs. “Our instant and draw games, interactive products, gaming machines, and content have been developed by some of the top game designers, mathematicians, marketing research analysts, and product managers in the world.” The company has submerged their foot in developing and using market research and analytics to gain a deep understanding of player demand and preferences. As a result, they continue to generate new ideas and innovative gaming solutions that provide players with exciting choices and experiences.

Isaacs states, “The online gaming market has risen astonishingly and it is of little wonder that consumers are turning to online versions rather than making potentially expensive trips to physical casinos.” Scientific Games has demonstrated a track record of helping customers grow their lottery and gaming revenue. The company works with its customers to understand the business needs and customize products and technologies that deliver results. “We understand that our customers rely on our products and services to drive growth, and we’re always looking for ways to deliver compelling entertainment and gaming experiences,” concludes Isaacs

Scientific Games

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