SCMO2: Helping Clients Migrate to World-class Supply Chain Planning

CIO VendorMatthew Campbell
A fundamental part of business is the ability to bring a vision of success to life. When businesses incorporate SAP tools Into their regular operations, their vision of success is a lasting change for the best with integrated data at their Fingertips. Unfortunately, many of them are unable to realize this to the level they’ve envisioned because they struggle with Implementation or choose complex configurations which don’t work effectively. This is where SCMO2 shines brightest. Founded In 2001, SCMO2 introduces solutions with a relentless focus on driving tangible business benefits for clients who use the SAP supply chain suite of products.

We focus on helping our customers get more out of SAP’s supply chain suite by creating accelerators and packaged solutions That help customers drive business benefit for their investment and develop world class supply chain planning designs

SCMO2 has molded itself to fit the growing business demands that have come with the emergence of big data and the increased Need for vendor and customer collaboration among their clients. They offer services for optimization and upgrading existing Designs as well as implementation, support and training for SAP products. Much like the company itself, SCMO2’s consulting Packages are focused around bringing a specific set of goals to fruition for each customer from the SAP supply chain suite. These include improving statistical forecast accuracy, optimizing inventory, advanced production scheduling, and assisting Clients to build a strategic road map to make better use of emerging cloud and mobile based technologies.
By focusing their Packaged solutions on driving business benefits in key process areas, SCMO2 gets results that elude many of its competitors.

“We combine business process expertise with knowledge of SAP supply chain planning suite products, provided by our seasoned sAP consultants who possess advanced supply chain degrees and hands-on planning experience,” says Matthew Campbell, Principal, SCMO2. The state of the art solutions created by combining these two types of knowledge has earned the company a Lot of traction in consumer products and food and beverage companies, helping them sense demand, collaborate with large Retailers and integrate point of sale data to help improve forecasting and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) processes. The Company also has a list of noteworthy successes in the life sciences, consumer electronics, high tech, chemicals, and wholesale distribution industries.

While SCMO2 has developed innovative solutions for well known branded consumer products companies, one of their most Exceptional successes can be found in their work with a Fortune 1000 maker of spices, herbs and flavorings. This client had an aging SAP supply chain solution and SCMO2 won a contract to help them re-implement it to drive business benefits. SCMO2 Not only improved and simplified their APO Demand Planning solution, but they also drastically improved their forecast Accuracy through statistical forecasting utilizing their unique “Roadmap to Forecast Accuracy” methodology. Additionally, They implemented advanced inventory calculations and built a state of the art scheduling and optimization solution that Minimized downtimes on production lines while maintaining inventory levels. On inventory savings alone, the project paid for itself.

In order to maintain momentous successes like the one above, SCMO2 continues to rely on its in-depth understanding of how the Market for SAP supply chain solutions is evolving. “We focus on gaining a deep understanding of all new SAP supply chain Products to create accelerators and packaged solutions that help customers drive business benefit for their investment and Develop world class supply chain planning designs,” notes Campbell. The company believes that they’ll see an increased demand In assistance with strategic road map development using their Navigator solution, which will help clients figure out what Products and solutions they’re actually ready for. With their ambition and strong understanding of the current market, SCMO2 Is sure to be on the forefront of developing supply chain solutions with SAP in the near future.


Matthew Campbell and Alan Hendry, Managing Principals

Helps customers Get Better Results from SAP’s Supply Chain Suite