ScreenBeam: Wireless Display Reaps Productivity Dividends

Mike Ehlenberger, VP/GM
Due to the high infrastructure costs of and growing need for a quality technology refresh with tangible productivity dividends, enterprises are looking for more efficient ways to modernize their meeting rooms. ScreenBeam’s suite of wireless display solutions offers enterprises an innovative way to make meetings more productive, collaborative and engaging, while cutting set-up time from ten minutes down to ten seconds.

ScreenBeam wireless display solutions are designed and manufactured by Actiontec Electronics Inc., a broadband partner for some of the largest telecommunications providers in North America. ScreenBeam solutions use Miracast™ technology to create a dedicated connection between the source device and receiver for maximum performance. Users can simply walk into the conference room and click to connect, saving a significant amount of set-up time. Michael Ehlenberger, VP/GM of Actiontec’s Wireless Display Business describes how ScreenBeam fits into this technology shift. “Manufacturers of modern devices are eliminating display ports and other physical connectors. Modern operating systems have firmly locked-in native wireless display capabilities and our commercial solutions are leading the trend.”

The ability to connect wirelessly across devices improves productivity and collaboration, reduces frustration and lost time, and has real measurable cash value to ScreenBeam customers. For example, if each meeting begins by spending ten minutes working out the connectivity— and each meeting is attended on average by five employees—that’s 50 minutes of lost productivity per meeting. Multiply that by the total number of meetings a day, and it adds up to a very significant number. Per Ehlenberger, “ScreenBeam’s productivity dividends are field-proven, time and time again with each enterprise deployment.”

Delivering a high-quality reliable connection is no easy feat. Ehlenberger says that wireless connectivity is challenging because of the dense radio frequency (RF) found in most enterprise environments. The ebb and flow of traffic in a conference room creates this complex and crowded environment.
ScreenBeam solutions are specifically designed to navigate through the density and perform with extremely low latency while delivering full HD resolution. ScreenBeam receivers also have a built-in enterprise-class Central Management System (CMS) that gives IT departments full control over channel management, security, access, transmission power, customizations, and updates.

ScreenBeam customers will realize real cash value with real productivity dividends almost immediately

One of ScreenBeam’s most challenging customer engagements was a large-scale deployment for Mesa Public Schools. After discovering the complications and costs associated with updating their display infrastructure, Mesa turned to ScreenBeam to deploy wireless display receivers in their complex and diverse Wi-Fi network of 3,600 classrooms across a 200 square mile footprint. The ScreenBeam implementation was a simple solution for Mesa, delivered at a fraction of the cost of an infrastructure change. Now Mesa teachers quickly connect with the click of a button and enjoy the freedom to move around the classroom while delivering their curriculum.

Actiontec’s early adoption of wireless display technology and development of ScreenBeam solutions led them to partner with Intel and Microsoft. “We work directly with Microsoft’s Windows Operating System Group helping to develop and perfect the core technology for wireless display,” says Ehlenberger. Added to that, leading PC OEM and device companies use ScreenBeam in their labs to test and validate their device’s wireless display performance. ScreenBeam’s roadmap is chartered on working closely with Microsoft on the new Redstone 2 OS, including a native capability of MAUSB or a “media agnostic USB” port. The connection will be part of a total solution making all peripherals available for connection wirelessly and targeted for availability around Q2-2017. Ehlenberger says, “ScreenBeam customers will realize real cash value with real productivity dividends almost immediately.”


Sunnyvale, CA

Mike Ehlenberger, VP/GM

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