Screwtop Media: Driving Engagement And Monetization With AR

Todd Brown, CEO With the continuous advancements in technology specifically designed for enterprise environments, businesses have ample opportunities to increase profitability by increasing awareness and interaction of their brands. Driving greater customer engagement is the prime objective, but it can be a challenge to determine the best methods to achieve virality among current and prospective customers. Augmented reality technology is growing into a leading technology solution to assist businesses in reaching higher levels of marketing and promotional success. Perfectly poised to exponentially increase customer engagement with their brands is Screwtop Media, a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in providing business customers with the technology necessary to increase customer engagement with their brands in a way that delivers efficiency and profitability seamlessly. Screwtop Media CEO, Todd Brown, explains the driving force behind the firm’s mission, “We are leveraging and combining cutting-edge technologies in augmented reality with the ultimate goal of providing the user with an immersive experience using the company’s own content.”

"We want to understand the market customers are trying to penetrate, and then use the creative resources the company already has in place combined with our marketing expertise"

Businesses have the ability to increase the reach their brands have through a more engaging interaction with customers with the help of leading augmented reality platforms and easy to use mobile applications. This paves the way for increased monetization and end-user adoption that drive businesses forward. By adding augmented reality into the marketing mix, Brown believes that Screwtop Media customers have the capacity to fuel richer integration with other promotional programs and campaigns which unveil the true potential of any product or service the company has to offer.

Customizing the AR Experience

Screwtop Media has built a powerful suite of technology-based solutions for businesses spanning nearly all industries, including tools for design and development, e-mail and social media campaigns, and interactive mobile brand engagement through augmented reality. The firm’s AR platform, Mobile-Eyes, represents the most cutting edge, highly adaptive, and customizable technology to allow a customer’s end user to immerse themselves fully into a brand. Brown states, “It is a new wave of guerilla marketing that can be adopted quickly based on the customer’s needs and unique opportunities within their niche market. The viral nature of how augmented reality is distributed through social networks within a mobile application creates unlimited possibility in customer utilization and engagement, driving monetization for businesses.” Mobile-Eyes is capable of integrating into already-established marketing campaigns which saves time for customers embarking on the augmented reality trend.

We are leveraging and combining cutting-edge technologies in augmented reality with the ultimate goal of providing the user with an immersive experience using the company’s own content

The company’s augmented reality platform allows customers to focus on growth through brand expansion that works in line with how the company wants to be perceived and experienced by its end users. Brown states, “We understand the type of visual content that can be produced in an augmented reality tool. Any piece of content can be placed in front of a green screen, behind the user utilizing the application, and the end result can be distributed out to the user’s social networks immediately.” For example, a customer visiting a company’s brick-and-mortar location can take an augmented-reality-based photo in front of a branded backdrop through a mobile application. Immediately, this photo can be shared across all available social networks, pushing brand awareness forward and highlighting the entertainment factor of being at a company’s site. Any data collected from the photo or social network sharing can be sent anywhere, enabling the mobility of data to virtually any endpoint. Additionally, because companies using Mobile-Eyes do not have to create new content specifically for augmented reality functionality, Screwtop Media customers can quickly leverage its use in a dynamic, viral way while staying conscious of cost.

In addition to the viral nature of augmented reality applications, the content delivery framework offered by Screwtop Media through Mobile-Eyes allows companies to expand their potential in improving customer engagement in any setting. Functionalities like e-commerce discounting, geo-location tagging, and sponsorship opportunities are all available within the platform, and customizable based on the customer’s marketing objectives. As end users are enticed to engage with a company’s brand at a greater level through personalized augmented reality scenarios, higher adoption rates are realized alongside a deeper understanding of how end users interact with the brand based on strategic data collection. Screwtop Media gives its customers the ability to analyze this crucial data and use it for directing marketing campaigns in the future.

The company has been able to deliver impactful augmented reality solutions for its customers by working through a focused process built on identifying and meeting the unique needs each business faces in its marketing and promotional objectives. Brown explains, “Interactive project development begins with an in-depth discovery process which involves going through a host of questions and deep analysis of the business. We want to understand the market customers are trying to penetrate, and then use the creative resources the company already has in place combined with our marketing expertise.”
Screwtop Media takes this collaborative approach through the application design phase as well, developing the application interface and the augmented reality experience that truly represents the brand and messaging of the company. The production and implementation of solutions are all tested extensively until both the agency and the customer are satisfied with the end result, at which time a launch date that works with the company’s timeline is set and the promotional announcements and content that goes hand in hand are developed and distributed. Following this strategic process with each customer, Screwtop Media provides a streamlined, cost-effective method for delivering top-notch augmented reality solutions to the marketplace in a timely manner.

Spearheading Marketing Technology Innovation

A wide variety of businesses have tapped into the marketing technology platforms of Screwtop Media, including those in the traditional retail, hospitality and entertainment, and e-commerce arenas. However, there are countless applications where the functionality of augmented reality is driving brand reach. A recent and ongoing success is recognized through the company’s work with a large casino and resort that reached out for help with a range of marketing needs. Screwtop Media was able to build and deliver a customized program utilizing the Mobile-Eyes content delivery framework along with a far-reaching email marketing campaign to help improve customer engagement for the customer. End users had the opportunity to interact with the client’s brand on a deeper level through the depth of the company’s service capacity, ultimately increasing revenue and profitability for the casino and resort.

As a technology company, Screwtop Media has a clear focus on bringing the best-fit solutions to its customers, specifically catered to harness the viral power of augmented reality in all of its use cases. The team at Screwtop Media has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by companies trying to remain competitive and in the front of consumers’ minds. By fostering an environment of collaboration, the company is able to build and deliver the comprehensive solutions necessary to overcome these challenges with customization and flexibility in mind. Brown states, “There are limitless possibilities in the realm of augmented reality, and we’ve continued to move down the path toward more integrative solutions that promote content consumption in a truly immersive way.”

He continues, “Augmented Reality technology is ever-expanding, and we have yet to tap its full potential in the marketplace. Whether we are talking about functionality that uses video content, or 3-D animated renderings or games, the depth of this technology has created a landscape where growth based on brand awareness is possible within any industry.” While augmented reality is still viewed in a traditional way, Screwtop Media is positioned to expand the understanding of what it can be used for and how it can be integrated into other marketing initiatives for companies across multiple verticals. Screwtop Media continues to push the envelope in augmented reality technology solutions by leveraging best in class functionality, all to produce broader adoption and engagement from end users so that companies may realize their full monetization potential, no matter the industry or scope of the business.

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