Scribe Software: Offering a Proven Approach towards Cloud- Based Customer Data Integration

Lou Guercia, President & CEO The rising enterprise use of digital applications has resulted in large volumes of customer data across domains including marketing, sales, customer service and more. Organizations worldwide are turning to integration solutions to leverage this customer data for better cross-channel customer engagement, marketing and sales strategies. Those companies most effectively breaking down customer data to empower business users will beat out the competition. Scribe helps companies do just that by providing onpremise and cloud-based integration solutions that enable brands to gain better value from business applications through making customer data within those applications available wherever it is needed.

Integrated Customer Data: Meeting Expectations of Increasingly Self-Reliant Consumers

Prospective customers today are more self-reliant than ever before. Exposure to technology and more sources of information online enable consumers to acquire knowledge of services and products without needing company help. Organizations and their top level management are aware of the change in consumer purchasing behavior, and are exploring different ways to meet their expectations over a richer set of touch points.
Instead of the traditional tactic of sending sales representatives to assist customers, companies must now work to create personalized customer experiences at each touchpoint with the help of integrated customer data. Today’s knowledgeable prospects present a big challenge with their self-reliance and high company expectations, but there are opportunities aplenty for companies who possess integrated customer data to power innovative customer service and engagement strategies.

Using integrated customer data to effectively reach consumers will play a key role for successful companies today, and integrating this data is Scribe’s area of focus; Scribe offers data integration solutions to connect business systems in on-premise, hybrid and cloud-based environments. Scribe was established in 1995 and is headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The development of cloud and cloud based applications in the enterprise has enabled top management and line of business leaders to easily adopt best-of-breed applications in their respective departments. This siloed decision-making scenario means company departments are adopting systems that don’t integrate natively with the rest of the company’s applications, which opens up an opportunity for Scribe to provide assistance in connecting the cloud technology to mainstay enterprises solutions.

“We bring our solutions to market through partnerships with leading independent software vendors, systems integrators and value added resellers,” said Lou Guercia, president and CEO, Scribe Software.
“Our focus on customer data and a rich partner ecosystem differentiates us from the competition and allows us to offer complete solutions to customer data challenges through joint offerings.”

Scribe’s Vertical Industry Focus

Scribe has a strong presence in the financial sector, serving a number of traditional and investment banks, as well as mutual funds. Scribe has also found immense traction in the education, healthcare, service and hospitality sectors. In the sports and entertainment sector, The company has fifty-five sports teams across the US and European professional sports leagues utilizing their solutions, including the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Atlanta Braves. However, Scribe has been most successful in the manufacturing sector. In total, Scribe has about 3600 active software customers and more than 400 active cloud customers.

Moving Forward

Scribe plans to establish Scribe Online – a cloud data integration platform – as the leading data integration platform for systems integrators and for PaaS (Platform as a Service) providers. The long-term plan is to develop Scribe Online into a true platform offering that empowers systems integrators to build industry specific solutions with multiple applications, delivering true value into cloud. In addition, the firm is planning to establish effective partnerships with independent software vendors to help them demonstrate their value both with their specific solution, and with their easily available connectivity to other key business solutions.

Scribe Software

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Lou Guercia, President & CEO

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