Scribe Technology Solutions, Inc.: Restoring Physician Productivity

Mark D. Boyce President & CEO
In today’s value-based healthcare environment, healthcare providers are inundated with their administrative and paperwork responsibilities, especially EHR-related clerical work which can directly impact the level of patient care. Worse yet, the reliance on their most expensive asset—the providers—for data entries cripple healthcare organizations’ ability to tap into the potential of big data, while impeding the workflow and data management process. As fragmentation of care among multiple providers have overburdened the current healthcare system, there is a need for an effective communication and collaborative solution to achieve better quality care and revenue. This is where Scribe Technology Solutions, Inc. comes in. Disrupting the healthcare industry with the cloud-based clinical workflow and productivity management tools, Scribe is a platform-as-a-service provider that is dedicated to empowering healthcare providers in simplifying back-office work-flows and managing medical documentation through their cloud-enabled tools. “Our robust platform enables providers to capture, create, monetize, analyze, communicate and collaborate on clinical documentation, from anywhere, anytime and from any device,” says Mark D. Boyce, President and CEO, Scribe Technology Solutions, Inc.

As a part of clinical workflow and productivity management platform, Boyce and his experienced team have designed a documentation solution that helps healthcare providers to record patient encounters and easily simplify tedious documentation processes.

To begin with, Scribe approaches customers differently. Scribe assess client’s existing documentation and workflow processes and deploys solutions within the existing EHR/EMR system. Subsequently, Scribe’s solutions allow clients to record patient data by voice, text, video, and images. Integrated with the speech recognition technology, Scribe’s solutions extend the capabilities of traditional voice transcription. This not only helps in documenting but also in managing quality assurance, medical reviews, and billing and coding. The company makes use of cloud-based XML-driven solutions to capture the unstructured data. This unstructured data is then broken down into structured discrete information by Scribe’s unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. Once approved by the providers, the structured information is easily translated to the EHR/EMR or medical system by Scribe’s virtual scribing AI process.

This process allows healthcare providers to record the encounter in a conversational, detailed way which provides much richer clinical care information. It doesn’t force them into the small complex narratives required by many EHR/EMRs.
As a result, provider productivity sky-rockets and richer information is then available for better reimbursement and improved clinical care.

Our robust platform enables physicians to capture, create, monetize, analyze, and communicate clinical documentation, from anywhere, anytime and from any type of device

Because Scribe is able to make sense out of unstructured data, their technical solutions can also provide coding assistance, ensuring that documentation properly supports the coding submitted for reimbursement. This leads to fewer denials and more prompt reimbursement.

Scribe’s provider-centric application acts as a central control panel; it helps garner quality patient information from diverse systems across various locations such as a clinic, surgery center, and hospitals, and allows providers to have everything they need to document and manage their encounters in one place.

Owing to Scribe’s prowess in the realm of creating and managing medical records, healthcare providers have been able to achieve up to 30-40 percent improvement in productivity and significant progress in collecting appropriate and detailed patient information, resulting in better reimbursements and improved patient care. To give an example of how Scribe has worked with their customers to customize a solution, Boyce cites a scenario where one of their valued clients was acquiring medical practices and organizations. As a result it was difficult to consolidate data and retrain providers in using a unified system. By deploying Scribe’s solutions, the client was successful in consolidating documentation, increasing provider productivity, quality of service, and reducing costs by simplifying the back-office processes.

In the near future, the company is all set to expand globally, especially across Canada and Europe. With an incredible track record of assisting hospitals, individual providers, and group practices, Scribe also aims to expand their solutions to non-English speaking nations. “On the whole, our intent is to remove the burden of clerical work and allow healthcare providers to focus on the patient while improving productivity, revenue, and quality of care,” concludes Boyce.

Scribe Technology Solutions, Inc

Naples, FL

Mark D. Boyce President & CEO

Provides a Cloud-based clinical workflow and management solutions to hospitals, individual providers, and medical groups to optimize productivity and revenue

Scribe Technology Solutions, Inc