SCS Cloud: Selection and Business Software Set Up, Made Easy

Derek Hitchman, Prinical Consultant & CEO
Often, on-premise solutions are inadequate as they are costly to maintain and in many cases require a complex IT infrastructure. NetSuite’s cloud infrastructure ensures that organizations can run applications in the cloud and seamlessly maintain their mission critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ecommerce applications. SCS Cloud’s platform leverages NetSuite’s capabilities to break the siloed structure of data and offer clients a complete visibility of their business and supply chain in real-time. Having experience in the domains of CRM, ERP, ecommerce and Professional Service Automation (PSA), the firm enables organizations to improve efficiency, transparency and profit through integrated cloud-based systems and Business Intelligence (BI) tools which are effectively implemented and well supported. “By integrating cloud applications on multiple platforms, our team is focused on making this otherwise complex area simple and easy,” states Derek Hitchman, CEO and Principal Consultant, SCS Cloud.

SCS’s capabilities help to convert sales strategy into action and drive competitiveness, revenue and growth in an organization. Clients can forecast plan and budget and set sales targets for teams to accomplish them. For executing the plans, teams requires total visibility, instant communication and real time information about customer and sales. The solution empowers clients to transform sales pipeline into higher revenues, bigger profits and more effective sales process. The entire lead to cash process is automated with SCS Cloud’s integrated solution, enabling customers to get visibility into orders, inventory, billing, shipments, customer financials, order history, returns, payments, pricing among others— information that is typically available in ERP and financial system. “Business intelligence and analytics features are becoming more of a standard function in ERP systems,” says Hitchman.

With one click in the system, users can generate sales orders, and send automatic emails to clients for approval. Clicking on check items availability shows the users the expected date of shipment.

By integrating cloud applications on multiple platforms, our team is focused on making this otherwise complex area simple and easy

Additionally, armed with past customer purchase history, current inventory levels and service issues, clients can monetize existing customers with powerful cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. NetSuite provides a 360 degree view of users that enables a deep understanding across the entire customer lifecycle. Besides, it removes the barriers to sales productivity. The company’s solutions enable sales representatives to focus on serving customers better and generate revenue.

In one instance, SCS Cloud assisted EcoBox, a retail and wholesale distributor of courier boxes and packaging shipment supplies in Central Texas. The client had two retail stores in Austin and a separate ecommerce website which did not communicate with each other. The customer faced difficulty while trying to manage their stores in multiple locations with different data silos. SCS Cloud helped the client to consolidate the data into a single place with the help of NetSuite, as a result of which, the client was able to manage their business better. It also allowed the customer to duplicate the current processes and subsidiaries to another location seamlessly and also grow both, their retail and online stores and expand their enterprise.

Over the years SCS Cloud team has gained clients from multiple industries including product distribution, manufacturing, insurance, logistics services, and oil & gas. Forging ahead, the company will enhance and modify their product capabilities and produce new and innovative solutions and open new sales channel for clients. The SCS Cloud team will continue to leverage the range of skills and expertise gathered through working with clients in multiple industries in their strategic model.

SCS Cloud

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Derek Hitchman, Prinical Consultant & CEO

SCS Cloud's NetSuite capabilities in ERP, CRM, Risk and Compliance helps clients in product distribution, manufacturing, and logistics services